Solo play requires an internet connection?

As the title says, does this game now require an online connection to play by myself?

We are on PS5
From what I understand to use somethings you may have purchased you need a internet connection. @stiiixy .Plenty of more knowledgeable people here to help you.

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I’ve owned this since beta in what, 2016? (on PC) when they had the shriot and everything.,

Never had a problem playing offline (game ran faster as well)

Seems in the three years since I’ve played, the game has gone seriously downhill from what I’m reading, and because of this full-time connection requirement, backwards! I now can’t even play for fun!

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Day one Ps4 player this game has definitely been all over the place. Between my wife and I over 20,000 hours we like punishment. Primarily online player’s

No. Steam can be switched to offline mode; when loading the game, it will report that it cannot connect to the servers, and will offer you the option of offline play.

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Does the dlc and, other paid items are working on offline mode? Last time i checked it was not working. Never tried again.

All DLCs work, but I don’t know about the items, because… I didn’t buy anything except the DLC.

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DLC works offline, Bazaar items do not


Exactly. Old-fashioned DLC ownership data is stored in the Steam cache or whatever, locally on your machine, so even if you’re offline, access to that data is available.

Battle Pass and Bazaar item ownership is determined by your Funcom Live Services account, and if the game can’t access FLS, it won’t let you use those items.

The Steam store does list “internet connection” as part of the game’s system requirements, and has done so for a few years now, but technically you can still play Single-Player offline on Steam, even though you can’t access all optional content.

I should probably go look at the Steam store for these details, but can you list exactly what is ‘missing’ in single-player mode? Understanable things arent functioning if it pertains to the MP environment, but for the sake of dragging my posterior online for no valid reason, THAT annoys me (and I personally refuse to play solo offline games that need a connection…Exiles not really being one of them, but I digress!), as it’s unwarranted and unnecessary.

As long as you’re online and connected to FLS, nothing is missing from Single-Player. Except, of course, the fact that the game world is running only around the player, so e.g. meteor showers don’t trigger unless the player is in the vicinity.

If you’re not connected to the FLS, you won’t have access to the Battle Pass, the Black Lotus Bazaar, or the challenge system. Items and recipes etc. gained via those systems are unaccessible. Everything else should still work just fine.

Yes and no. To access anything bought from the store/bazaar requires an internet connection unless single player servers are cloud servers.

I just wanted to swing my virt-■■■■, and smack heads, and occassionally build an empire.

Why do a I need a store…

I’m assuming the store is for inter-server ‘thingies’?

I ask, because I still havent unblocked Exiles from my firewall (hence, fora disputationem) I’m not being intentionally dense, but jees, FLS and stores with no explnanation…

Conan SMASH!

The store has some new emotes, new building styles, new clothes and armor, and some neat decorative placeables, from fruit trees to a toilet seat. none of which is necessary, but if you live by the credo Survive. Build. Decorate. you may occasionally want some of that stuff.

Are you referring to an ingame store then? a la MMO’s and other FPS?

Also, as I mentioned above, can’t play in offline mode. FireWall blocking Exiles, and it fail’s to play ‘solo’. Not sure what I was paying for in 2016, 17, 18 until I was burned out by bushfires in 20, but an online only experience wasn’t it.

My game still throws me out. Can not connect to FLS. I can only press the OK, and that’s it…

I need to be online to play offline…

Curious what all the fuss is about needing an internet connection to play offline?

You need to have internet connection in order to use any of the Bazaar or battlepass items.

Shame Funcom doesn’t alter the way redeemed and purchased Battlepass and Bazaar items work so they can be used without an internet connection. I used to take my old Xbox One to my grandmothers house and play Conan there without any internet at all. Ever since the Bazaar and BP released, I bring over Skyrim instead.