Single player no internet broken

the game doesn’t work if you don’t have internet to play alone… seriously? why allow offline mode on Conan exile if you don’t even allow the game to be played offline?

  • with an internet connection, Conan works for SOLO and multiplayer
  • without an internet connection, Conan does NOT work for SOLO
  • any other games used via steam that is not multiplayer works WITHOUT an internet connection

place at bottom of load order, if using other mods
conflicts with pippi, both alter the splash screen.
must be disabled to return to online play.

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solo = alone aka shoudl be playabel without internet

An internet connection is required to validate your copy of Conan Exiles through Steam.



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if thats the case this is some sad thing right there.

Why? Did you not buy it from Steam?



if you use the offline mode mod I linked in my previous post.
you do not need to be connected to the internet.

steam needs to be running, but can be off line also.

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the issue is that offline mode should not be dependant on a mod

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agreed, I’m only offering a workaround to those looking for one.

You seem to not understand that there is no offline mode on PC. It is not a bug. You can post a suggestion and a solution was already offered to you.

the thing is conan doesn’t need to be online even without the mod.
steam is needed for conan, but steam can be in offline mode.

you just can’t run conan without steam, but steam doesn’t need to be online to play conan.

in the upper left hand corner of the steam gui
there is a little line that reads - steam view friends games help - all in gray letters
this is in regular mode not the big picture mode

if you click the word steam on this line there should be a “go offline” option second from the top, this will take steam off line, it will shut steam down and restart it in offline mode. you can then launch conan from the desk top,
if you don’t have a desktop Icon, you can add one by right clicking the game in the library choosing “manage” then clicking “add desktop shortcut”

so you are saying you don’t have that option? what version of steam are you running?

I have seen some of the deployed US Service Men and Women use this method to play conan on Ships where a Connection is not always possible.

I think this is a problem with your steam installation, not the conan installation.
maybe post in the steam forums for help.

Who the hell does not have an internet connection in this day and age? This isn’t 2005 :slight_smile:

if you can find a way to get internet in the middle of nowhere where even the phone signal doesnt go through youre good

droch-aon thank you for this modd i just intaled it and it works :slight_smile: i was search for offline mod to this because i play only single player , im not intrested in online , this mod is great thank you again.

Some people in the armed forces do not have a constant internet connection.
because of logistical reasons. IE on a ship at sea, on a base where com lines are prioritized etc.

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somtimes i dont have internet for couple of hours and cant play conan then . Even if i have good internet 500mb/s its hapens . And tell what you doo if ther wll be time of some crisis and internet will be off for month or week ? People are too much addicted to internet in me opinion.

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Thank the Mod author. they did all the heavy lifting, all I did was point the way. :slight_smile:
you are quite welcome for the small part I played.

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You don’t seem to understand PC is not window$, yes I’m a gnu/linux user(and i play conan single player via steam proton, no battleye but it’s single player so no problem). As by steam TOS games classified also for singleplayer must “obey” to the API for offline sessions, means when you turn steam to “offline mode” and automatically authenticate all games so that you can unplug the internet.

Don’ t be an upperclass internet citizen please and understand some of us live in rural areas with very limited internet. Thank you very much, and no offence.

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