Not getting offline option

I have very limited internet and read a patch offered offline play so I bought this game. But every time I try to play it says try again later. No offline option is given. I’ve tried several times and noticed it literally removes my internet as it tries to connect with live services. I’ve tried without any internet and it gives me the cannot connect try again later message.
does anyone have any constructive suggestions?

Do you have steam running?

Yes I am running steam.
Unfortunately it goes straight to “unable to login restart or try again later.”
Why would I need to login offline?
Does it require me to start a game online once to register stuff or something?

And when you press ok, you can’t select single-player?

If you have never run the game, you may need to do it at least once for your license to be verified. I can’t say for sure since I have run the game online and offline.

I was afraid of that.
As I said my weak internet shuts down to the point of “no internet available” when I try to play with internet.
I’ll have to find someone with real internet I can take my rig to their house and play the game for a bit to get verified.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Few games do this, Some even kick you when your down with “you must log in, and set game to offline to play this game” even thou you can’t get online. -_-’

Can’t say I’ve tried Conan with no internet. (I own it on PC and Ps4) and play alot of console games… so always have back up myself.

The Fun one is when Steam starts in Offline, ask you sign in…and sits there for hours (I tried for giggles) trying to connect to verify it. So you can play Offline. XD

However… always meant to give this a try.,SAVE%20ACCOUNT%20INFORMATION%20ON%20THIS%20COMPUTER...%20See%20More.

This happens to me except I own Conan through Microsoft