Conan Exiles - Play without internet

Straight to the point…can i play the game without internet? I need to know before buying.


You can play single-player offline on consoles. On PC, you do need an internet connection even for single-player (although there may be a mod on the Steam Workshop that may be of interest to you).

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thanks for the reply.
Ive downloaded the game on X Box One X, am using the 2 hour trial. But each time i start the game without internet it says that “this game requires internet”. Is that because its the time trial?

This is a known issue. If you just close the popup you’ll still be able to get to the menu and choose to play offline. Let me know if that works for you.

Actually ive tried the following with the corresponding results:-

  1. Switch off internet - Start the Game - **Game does not open, Gets message “This Game needs Internet” **

  2. Switch on internet - Start the Game - Game Starts - Select ‘Single Player’ ‘offline’ mode - Switch off internet - *** Game closes itself, Gets message “This Game needs internet” **

I see. Are you still on the trial version, or are you on the Live version? I understand you’d like to try to play offline before buying it, but I just need to make sure :slight_smile:

And what happens if you try to exit out of that error message? Are you able to proceed at all?

I am still on the trial version (but the 2 hour is almost over). I love the game but i am unable to stay on the internet all the time (high cost of Capped data). I want to buy the game but i dont want to waste money if internet is required all the time.

When i exit out of the error message it brings me back to the home screen of the X Box. The Game closes itself

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