[PC] - Solo Player - Offline


I know this is a stupid question. I currently own the XBOX version and recently purchase a laptop for PC play. I already purchased the digital PC version and just waiting for laptop to download the PC version.

Can the PC version of Conan Exiles be played without connection to the Internet in Solo Player (Offline) Mode? I will be traveling and would like to be able to play the game while on the road when I do not have access to WiFi/Internet.

last time I checked probably 4-5 months ago you needed internet access to start local server otherwise indefinite loading screen.
But once loaded into the game could disconnect internet.

Again this has been some time ago and may have changed. At least this is easy to test, switch internet off and start local.

I think a mod exist for that, but, honestly, funcom would allow player do that without any mod…

If you want:

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