Please make Conan OFFLINE again

Still unable to play offline, “offline mode” on steam still requires internet to play even if you’re offline. I reset everything and did everything right. Please make offline playable again while “not” being able to connect to internet. Everything is updated as well. “Unable to login” or whatever use to work before the update but now it no longer lets you play offline at all unless you play offline on steam while still connected to internet. That makes no sense to me.

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Connection to the Live Services is required to do Challenges, the Battle Pass, and the Bazaar.
On PC, all you gotta do is go to the folder where Conan is installed in Steam, and find the ConanSandbox.exe

The one that directly runs the game, without all the Funcom launcher BS. You can do this without Steam running at all.

You just won’t connect to Live Services, meaning no challenges, no battle pass, no bazaar, etc.


I tried local files under my laptop and steam and tried running all of them separately I keep being told to “please restart and try again later” under single player. It’s not the test live version it’s the newest age of sorcery update.

I found an easier solution, to use offline without battle pass and everything. Turn your hotspot on your phone just to log in. Then go on your singleplayer map until everything is loaded and then just turn your hotspot off on your phone. Haven’t had issues yet with it.



Actually was offline for 50 hours last week and played Conan Exiles while offline. Great for testing stuff out.

Learned food buffs, min maxing armors and weapons in line with the new update.

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