Why cannot I not play with Steam offline?

I still don’t get this. We were able to play Conan Exiles with steam offline mode a year ago so why can’t we now? Why do we need to have steam online to play even PvE?

You don’t need an online connection to play your Single Player game.

Tested this like, a million times.

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A million times eh, I’m happy for you, still doesn’t help at all.

My steam is in offline mode, launch the game from steam I get to the Funcom launcher menu. Launch the game from the Funcom Launcher menu gets me into the Conan Exiles game menu, all good so far. From the game menu, select singleplayer/co-op and boom, “Failed to Login” popup with ‘Steam online services are unresponsive’.

If anyone has a work around, I’d love to get it. Thanks

Wasn’t there a change somewhat recently concerning this though? I could swear I remember something about it becoming a requirement.

I just tested it, and it works. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Tell Steam to go offline:

  2. Confirm the restart:

  3. Start the Funcom Launcher:

  4. Launch Conan Exiles:

  5. Read the “Offline Mode” message and click OK:

  6. Click on “Singleplayer/Co-Op” and then “Continue”:

  7. Choose the map and click “Select”:

If it doesn’t work for you, can you post what you did differently?


Thanks for the layout CodeMage. Step 1 to 4 is what I do to get to the game but for whatever reason, I do not get step #5.

This is what I get when first logging into the Conan Exiles game menu. I do not see the ‘Offline Mode’ popup box you get. Even after selecting ok, the same popup appears to me, I have never seen a Offline Mode box.

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Well how embarrassing is this. I let the start video play through this time and I came across the “Offline Mode” box, the rest was easy from there.

I cannot believe I’ve been bypassing something so simple and skipping that load video which then disabled the offline mode box. My apologies all and again, thanks for the help.


Odd that the intro video would have anything to do with it. I would guess it’s more likely that some connection has to time out and the length of time that takes is probably equal to or less than the length of the video.

In any case, glad you got it working.

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