Real single-player mode

I find it weird that i need an internet access to be able to play single-player. Will there be a offline mode that lets you play single-player without internet access ? Now i am aware of the offline MOD in the workshop but i am asking if it will be a official option.

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I can, but i am unable to start a game without internet access. Every time i try i get the “Failed to start session” message.

Its a Steam thing. Consoles can play in Offline mode. I forgot the wording… but most steams game have this for insert reason that I never remember. XD

Normally a anti pirate measure is it not?

I can run 90% of my games without internet connection meaning those that aren’t online exclusive, and i don’t see how this can help against piracy, look at AC and D3.

I remember when i did PC game, and Skyrim had this. Even if you bought disc version. I gave up since alot of games were pulling this stuff.

Well i can kinda get the need of having internet connection for validating your key right after you bought the game, but if you want to play single-player without having a connection it can get annoying. And i think that this pseudo dedicated offline server the game creates while in single-player is one of the reasons i get FPS drops. When playing on a server i’m having a stable FPS, so i guess one more reason for having a true offline single-player option will be beneficial.

There is a mod in the steam workshop that permits to play in offline mode. Check it out, it works perfectly. When your internet connection is missing it comes in handy.

I already said that i know of this mod, i’m asking and hoping that some one from FC will have an answer to my question regarding a REAL offline mode, without hosting a dedicated server.

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Judging by the lack of attention and no response from anyone from FC , i guess not many people care or want a real offline single-player mode, which is strange. I can’t be the only one who wants this, and strange as it seems there are moments where i do not have 24/7 internet connection, and again this is not the only reason where a real offline single-player mode must be included. Why have the option to play single-player when you need a connection to the internet to be able to play SINGLE-player.

To play SINGLE-player (as you write) isn’t the same as to play in OFF-line mode.
Also multi-players in a lan environment can play in OFF-line mode.
Being a Sandbox game, Conan Exiles permits to be modded to cover those functionality that aren’t in game at the moment.
That’s great.
Use the mod. it will let you play off line while you wait your answer from PC :slight_smile:

And that’s the thing we should be able to play offline without a connection without having to rely on a mod. I already tried the mod and it is not working for me. The reason for this thread is to see if FC has any plans for a official mode. We shouldn’t rely on a mod for these kinds of things but seeing how the state of the game is right now i can somewhat understand.

To be fair, They only respond in most cases when they are “at” work. Rarely in later hours.
And almost never on weekends.

We just had memorial day here, not sure if they even have monday off in Norway.
You’ll often go with no responses during this time frame. XD

Forum wise anyway.

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