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I was wondering if Conan if in the upcoming update if single player will be able to be played without the internet.
I have bad internet at home so I can only play single player, but it seems not to work without being connected to the internet and I want to practice building and fighting before I go to the local game shop and play with my friends there.

No type in particular (Single-player)

The game requires you to verify through Steam or something to that effect so you must have internet access.

Hi Moon and welcome to our community! Unfortunately this problem seems to be unique to the PC, as console players can indeed play entirely offline. I am not certain if owning a physical (disk) copy as opposed to a digital one will allow you to get around this or not…!? Im sorry I am unable to offer you a better solution, but if you happen to own a console as well you could buy a console version for offline play.

As I understand it it has to do with Steam. If you bought it on Steam you use your Steam ID to log in, even on single player. Steam has to verify that you are a valid owner etc, FunCom may have it set up this way by design as well.

This is a problem that exists in a number of games on Steam. I believe some Devs have made a work-around for single player, some haven’t and it is a common complaint.

You can try turning Steam “Off Line” mode on and see if that works.

Go to the upper left corner under the Steam menu, click “Go Offline”

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Welcome, Moon :slight_smile:

While I have no experience in the area, it is my understanding there is very little interaction between your computer and Steam, except under one condition and you can fix that.

Steam is required to validate your copy of the game as legitimate (if it’s not, then there are more problems). I have no idea how often, but that takes a few bytes and then is over. You do not need data from Steam, or Steam from you other than that.

The condition: by default the Steam cloud saves a copy of your game so it is portable, from one computer to another. I have it turned off since it does require bandwidth. Here is how to turn it off.

Open Steam and look for ‘Settings’. When you open that window, click the lefthand tab ‘Cloud’. There should be two checkboxes and the first one will prevent that cloud save. I deselect both boxes since I don’t want to save pics to the cloud, either.

That will limit Steam internet traffic to the minimum and should have no effect on the game.

The updates will not prevent the Data Rights Management that is inherent to Steam.

Good luck !



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