Will there be an offline mode in future?

Dear Devs,

will there be an offline mode in future? My Internet is not the best and i want to play the game without internet. Yes or no?

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U can play it single player now that’s offline


Well, steam itself needs an internet connection to “check in” once in awhile.
AFAIK, Steam itself can’t stay in offline mode for more than a week.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but can you not just connect initially via Steam, then start a single player game without internet? Like it just needs that initial check?

Pretty sure you are correct, @Multigun . I say this because Steam goes down for maintenance during what is prime time for the eastern US every week, and while I’ll lose Steam voice chat and my friends list goes dark, Conan Exiles keeps on running without issue.

Yes, i can play the game without internet. But its not possible to START the game without internet.

I was going to say you could download a mod but its no longer on Steam. Weird because I’m still using it somehow without issue. :thinking:

Ur right agent I’m sorry I should have been clearer I’m on os4 online servers an then a coop mode for just u an friends an a single player game come stock so on ps4 single players there day one no internet needed

You can run a dedicated server on the same pc. Set Steam to offline. Connect to your server via direct connect. No internet needed.

Here is a link to a steam thread about setting up your own dedicated server:

I was using this method for testing various things, since single player and multiplayer are a bit different in the way they work, and running on a dedicated server on the same machine counts as multiplayer (although you are all by yourself).


How to get a dedicated server might be more up-to-date - If you think it’s missing something, shoot.
(Fyi: Steam and Reddit are unofficial since launch or so, so previously official threads may no longer be updated).

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