Online for offline Gaming?

OK pardon me for pointing this out but what kind of Mickey Mouse mentality is the forcing player that wishes to play offline to be online?
There are several reasons why someone chose to play offline, among many: low to non connectivity in the area, to unplug, etc…
Why is Funcom all of the sudden forcing us to be online at all times even when we want to play offline?
This could be done earlier before this new patch, forcing us to connect to something not everyone cares about to be connected. all of the sudden Steam has to be online in order for us single players that prefer the offline mode.
The cause of it is because Funcom needs to connect to some new Mickey mouse bs for friends to find you. FFs it’s called single player and offline mode because you want to play solo, with no friends online buggering you while you play.
Please fix this.


It would be great to have singleplayer in offline. I could avoid mod breaks and so on.


not so much for the mods, which is yet an other reason, but I’m not that into playing it online as an MMO, maybe some time co-op but I rather play it solo just like I used to do before this latest patch, and the fact that I can’t play it anymore once I move me laptop to me bedroom cuz I have no connection at all there.

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I believe it’s called DRM, Digital Rights Management. Quite common in modern games. It does say right there in the System requirements that you need a Broadband Internet connection, if you don’t have one you can’t play.

Not being able to connect to FunCom live services is a whole different issue and they need to get it resolved.


I agree, and no statement from anyone from Funcom on this. Odd.

Conan Exiles always required an internet connection on PC, unless you used a mod to change this.

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This is already verified by Steam so why complicate things even more? Besides verifying every time you start yer game is equally annoying as having to watch that damn intro video every time you start the game. a solution to work around them annoyances would be way way more beneficial for the community.
Game verification should only be needed once every patch not every freaking time you wanna play the game.
And No UltraViolet you didn’t need a mod to play off line before this patch, all you needed to do was to go offline with steam and play single player/co-op. and the game was playable.

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That wasn’t true in my experience. I couldn’t get it to work without the mod.

Hate DRM like this, it de-incentivizes from playing ‘‘legitimate’’ way. Too intrusive for single player experience. As if you don’t fully control your own data.


I was also surprised by this. But now I have learned what it means when Funcom lists internet connection in the fine print below the minimum hardware requirements. I too wish that they had not tried to hide it, but I chalk it up as a “learning experience.”

A left mouse button click skips the intro video for me. No hocus-pocus needed.

That never worked for me.

It’s a trick we all played on ourselves. Every game claims you need internet connection, but most other games only need it when connecting to a server or when downloading updates. And if you’re like me, you assumed this game was the same.

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Not to mention some people played the game on free weekends when you could play single player offline, decided they liked it, bought it and now are stuck way past the refund period.

Ah, I bought my copy outright, so I didn’t realize that was a thing.

Only if you do it after the three little dots in the lower left corner of your screen disappeared. They are there while the client is loading stuff without which it can’t progress further. Differences in hardware – and in the mod list – will make that longer or shorter.

TL;DR: You can only interrupt the video when your client is ready, and that depends on your hardware and how many mods you’re loading.

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There’s a simple (notepad) edit in an ini file, skipping cinematics 100%

I cant say as im sure there’s some forumrule forbidding me telling so have to search the net. :stuck_out_tongue:
Its reverted bout every patch/update/fix so have to keep at it :smiley:

I see the rermarks below(after the topic was closed)- it does skip and no black screen. check it out - i use it since EA

Actually it doesn’t skip by editing the ini file, it just don’t show the movies and you get a black screen, your client still needs to load and so does your mods, the time for it depends on how many mods you have.
I play offline because I can test the mods I want, and I can have pretty many on my load order, atm 40+. this is something that you can’t do when playing online in a server.

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With connectivity as the core issue, that is a big concern. A workaround until that patch comes, is to find a low population PvE server. About as close to single player as you might find.

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