Delete Funcom Live Services system and add Denuvo again

It does not allow offline play, in addition to being a rare new system that does not inspire confidence, it also causes freezes and errors, for me it was a wrong step, and that I was happy when I read that they would eliminate Denuvo.


wow now you cant even play without internet, the meme about each update making the game worse is real, sorry but online only is dumb im gonna ask for a refund.


This Live Services thing makes the game 100% unplayable for those of us in rural areas with spotty internet. I get kicked out every time my transfer rate drops. This is awful! Conan is my favorite game of all time, and I don’t want to lose it. Frankly, if this keeps up, I’ll be deleting my Steam account. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this back to normal!


You used to be able to play a solo game offline. I starting playing again in Feb I think it was, and was hugely disappointed to learned that you can’t play the game offline, at least not without a mod, and now that doesn’t even work.

That is absolute crap. Didn’t devs learn anything from that always-online Sims fiasco? Keep Denuvo out and get rid of Live Services requirement to play offline as well!

I literally cannot play a game I paid for that previously had an offline mode.


Wait this ‘denuvo’ removes offline play? Is this restriction coming to console too…!? Because if it is then I am absolutely screwed here. Conan Exiles should continue to have 100% offline play, I even specifically checked that it it did before I brought the game, and if it didnt then simply would not have, as I would not be able to play it.

As I have said here on numerous occasions, not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford unlimited data, which is expensive in my country. To further compound this, myself and other users I am sure, live in a very remote area, and it is simply not feisable to play using Hotspot on our cellular/mobile devices.

I like many others purchased the game under the premise that it would have offline play, and should continue to offer just that!


Yeah. I personally don’t have this problem as I have a stable connection most of the time, but I still want to be able to play my singleplayer if I have connection issues.

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" Funcom live services… " It’s scary

Even BLIZZARD enabled offline play for Diablo 3 ONLY for consoles.

Consoles dont have that problem with stolen games, like PC can have. So it doesnt make a sense there…

But then again, we are talking about Funcom. It also makes no sense to hide the search field in the crafting menu as soon as you connect a controller, but yet its still a thing… Even when so many complained about it.

Refunded, sorry but these anti consumer practices must not be tolerated.

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i am also convinced funcom live systems and denuvo need to be removed, dont add this in the game, friendslist on steam should be enough,and besides it only creates crashes , so i read everywhere
and leaving the option for people to play the game offline mode.

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Still no way to start the game without online verification, what a ridiculous requirement.

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I am very confused, Funcom. On the release notes for the June 18 patch, under the “Performance and Stability” header, you stated that you had: “Fixed a crash that would occur when starting the game without internet connection.” Except that this DIDN’T happen. You can’t start the game AT ALL without a connection. What gives? Don’t tell us you’ve already fixed something that is critical, which has not been addressed at all. Thx.

How else can they keep tabs on their property.

ill tell you i hate this new system and also why, in my steam server list none of the servers of conan i play on are listed not even my favorites i can find fast thrue steam anymore, the list itself loads in way too long, often too high ping values that i never had before…plus this friendlist thing is crap…but thats my oppinion…why change good things i will never understand…

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