Funcom Live Services

Game mode: Online
Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: Official server

Cannot connect to funcom live services

  1. All I have to try to do is connect to online
  2. It tells me it can’t
  3. I exit and wait
  4. and wait

So can anyone…hopefully a dev or someone connected to Funcom please tell me if I am gonna be able to play soon. I have bought all DLC’s along with the game and have over 1500 hours in. Presently, I play on an official server but cannot play in any mode at all. I would like to know, at least if this problem is going to be taken care of any time soon, thank you.


At the moment, Funcom employees are buying new books on programming in order to solve the problems they created with the game.


They say through Twitter that they’re working on a new build, ETA tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Too bad they don’t post that here, in their own forums.


I hope they get it fixed it soon

They say on Twitter…well I don’t go to twitter. I came here to these forums because this is there official site…twitter is not. They should be keeping us updated here. Not mad at you just a bit pissed.


lol;, pissed and mad are the same thing

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I’m not mad at Thal, just pissed off at the game.


No problem :slight_smile: I found it a bit strange too, to have the info on Twitter and not here.

I can connect, but my ping is 500+ ms.

Wait, I guess a few servers are around 450, not as bad as I thought…

I agree though, had a hard time finding ANY info, still haven’t found any specific info so I don’t know if the new build is for the problem I am experiencing or something completely different.

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Still no word on any fix for this ??

There was a client side update yesterday morning around this time. Have you tried connecting since then?

Yes I did and it has done nothing for me. If I turn BattleEye off I get a server list. If I turn it on I can barely…well I can’t even get to the server list.

At the moment, all server has a big problem to run the game. Go and play the single player mode, this runs ok.

I’m still having the “Lost Internet Connection” dialog bug. Cannot get into any online servers today. I did a full re-install with latest patch version yesterday, and got into my online Official Server ONE TIME. Today, I cannot get past the “lost Internet connection” dialog.

So while Patch 41 makes it possible to connect to official servers again the failure rate due to high ping is obnoxious. A friend and I were comparing notes on this issue. Since Funcom changed up the server methodology which caused massive failures, the problem is not fixed. I normally have a ping in the 70-85 range but ever since these patches I spend more than 50% of time getting ‘your ping is too high.’ Can we please roll this back until it can truly be fixed? I don’t know what possessed you to part from the steam hosting model but at least we could play before.

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Still no word on any fix for this ??

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I don’t understand this. I bought the game so I could play. Actually the game was gifted to me but after I played it, I went out and bought all your DLC’s. That’s around 120 bucks I’ll never get back now. All I really want is for someone that works on this game or made the damn thing or staff of the game or someone from tencent maybe or even funcom. I really don’t give a damn who it is, I want someone to come on here and say “We are working on the problem” or something along that line. You won’t even do that.

That is what I don’t get. I sit by this computer watching for updates day after day and nothing. Now you come out with a fix for music and some other crap…Seriously, are you serious about that. My brother and I have paid for a server and the game plus all the DLC’s. This is how you want to treat people that buy your product. In DLC’s alone we have given you around 240.00 bucks, not to mention the kick back I’m sure you get from G-portal server we rent…AND THE GAME. That’s a lot of money to sit here and watch you guys fix music bugs and people tripping off mountains and crap when I can’t play at all. Unbelievable. You would think getting your PAYING CUSTOMERS BACK ONLINE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WOULD BE PRIORITY.


Can someone from funcom please answer this post? What is going on with the ping rate on the servers? If people can not log onto servers then that should be your obvious priority so how about someone from funcom let us know what is going on, and more importantly who is gonna reimburse me for the server I rent but cannot access due high ping rates. Hell even my single player game is gone.

Acknowlege there is problem and let us know if you are working on the connectivity issues if you would please, also when can we expect a resolution…you know roughly, a rough estimate, maybe a guestimate, just take a stab at it? So we know whether or not to abandon this for something worth while. I can go check out a different early access on steam or something that’s further along in it’s development while I wait your reply…oh wait this is not EA anymore, sorry my bad, thats right we have already bin there, done that and now we’re on to like 10 dlc’s later (all of which I bought, not all of which I wanted but did want to support a project I though worth the endeavor).

And stop using twitter. Use your own forums thats what they are here for, I am not chasing you all over the internet to see if you are fixing your problems. Twitter…really!!! I already followed you here from the steam forums where you got all your EA feedback which I’m sure was invaluable, now I’m suppossed to check twitter as well?


Another outage? I was playing 30 min ago, now I can’t connect anymore. Funcom Live Services don’t seem to be LIVE atm :stuck_out_tongue:


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