I can not play on my main Conan exiles account! It keeps saying "lost connection to funcom live services"

Game mode: Online official server #1944
Type of issue: Crash | Misc
Server type: PVP
Region: NA

[Describe the bug here] Every time I load the game everything is fine it logs into funcom lives services but as soon as I click online multiplayer a window pops up and says “lost connection to funcom live services” But the most frustrating part is I can log onto my sons account on the same computer and play just fine!!! This just started out of the clear blue one minute I was playing took about an hour break to eat came back and it was messed up!! :confused: PLEASE HELP!!!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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I stopped playing online just before this Funcom Live Services crap started, so I haven’t experienced this. I have had it lock me out of my singleplayer game though, so I definitely feel your pain.

Hey @Nistulah

Does this issue persist?

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Yes, this issue persists.


Yes, I reported this problem, I have almost since July without playing, because I can’t play, neither on servers or co-op in LAN, it just says that “can’t connect to funcom service” I waited this two and a half months hopping this could be solved with time, but I tryed to play a couple of minutes ago, and the problem persist … I’ll wait two months more, but at this pace we all be death for something dark that could be happen on this weird year before I can enjoy this game with my friend.

The “Funcom Live Services” has messed up the play-ability of this game for many people. There’s no need for a “live service” for single player versions and dubiously needed for co-op game play.

And oddly enough, if you try to play without the “live services” turned on (yes, there is a mod for playing in “offline” mode), the DLC content you paid for is no longer available. So your steam purchase verification is no longer good enough.

Selling Funcom to Tencent, which has, no doubt, insisted on this customer data collection tool called “Funcom Live Services,” has ruined Conan Exiles (and quite possibly, the upcoming Dune game as well).

In your case in particular, @Bodin, could you provide any more information that would help us relay this information to the team, for instance, game logs (which you can locate in Conansandbox/Saved/Logs)?
Thanks in advance.

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у меня такая же проблема, захожу в многопользовательскую игру, и появляется ошибка, якобы я не подключен к сети. Нажимаю ok и выкидывает в главное меню. Я купил эту игру себе и другу в подарок. Друг играет нормально, я же не могу зайти ни на 1 сервер

как Вам передать эти файлы?

At least you get kicked to the main menu. For me, it just hangs there and ignores input. You can push the button, but “Funcom Live Services” doesn’t do anything. Unresponsive.

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