Can offline mode get 4 player co op? Also update local play? And more thralls that follow you?

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Hello. How is everyone today? I played Conan Exiles since beta. PC went down so I’m force to use console. I played offline single player mode. It was awful. No allies and so boring. Offline mode feels like a dead Conan Exile. :cry: I feel like this game needs a 4 player split screen. Like what Minecraft has. Also in offline mode can we have more thralls follow you? Five-Ten thrall max followers. This feature would be in offline single player mode only. Reason? Balance.

Local was a little better but it needs to free the players. Can the leash to other players be cut off in local.

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You can’t remove the leash in co-op, no. That isn’t something they can simply remove either, no matter how often it’s asked.

You can’t have more then one follower without a mod. As you are on console, your max is one.

Renting a server is about best you can do.

As Multi mention about co-op. I’ll toss in extra bit of info. do to console memory limit and how it loads data around player, co-op tether is pretty much stuck on do to that.

Compared to game pulling data from a server.

You can remove a leash on co op. Since they are multiple systems. Points at Minecraft. Not that hard. Reprogram it. Two to four players on one system normally can happen on consoles.

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Sorry, @Lady_Bonecold, it’s really not a good comparison. Minecraft and Conan Exiles run on extremely different tech.

You’re right that what you said is not theoretically impossible. But it’s kinda like asking for a submarine to fly because a hydroplane can, or asking for a hydroplane to dive because the submarine can. Theoretically you can make a machine that does both, but in practice you can’t just take a submarine or a hydroplane and convert them into an aerosub without dismantling your original machine completely to build a new one.

@Multigun is right, removing the co-op leash in Conan Exiles is not feasible in practice.


To play devils advocate a little, ark survival evolved removed the co-op Leash for a bit on consoles, worked great until you ran out of render range and your Xbox sounded like a Michael bay transformer or the explosion following said transformer as the consoles fans started trying to achieve liftoff.

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What’s happening is in Singleplayer (Coop IS Singleplayer with friends) is the game launches a localized server that you connect to. It acts like a server for all intents and purposes except for one thing.

It only loads your leash distance. So if you’re running around in Sepermeru, it doesn’t load the Volcano. It loads in areas as you get close to them.

As to why they can’t simply run the full server code. Well you likely don’t have a PC (and consoles are right out with this) that can run the full server (entire map loaded) and the game at the same time. Enabling it for future more powerful PCs is an option of course. But it would only affect a small percentage and just cause confusion among many of the 99.99% that can’t run it properly.

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Your best bet is to try out a gportal server,
10 slots is the minimum, you can password protect it, and it is about 14$ for a 30 day rental…
So if you have the 14 bucks, worth a test…problem is if you quit renting, it all goes poof:/

I dont have PM anymore, But Jens sent me a really nice one long ago with tidbits on why lasso is there.

Minecraft is low memory game that a pc from 10+ years ago can run it… CE is not. Thers a reason minecraft can run local co-op and not have both players on spilt screen in same area.

Ps4 can handle it. More so now, that they reworked dragon render engine running it.

CE barely runs in SP at times, and constantly reseting stuff outside its load zone. Not like it can’t be done…

You can look at fo76 and rdo, look at MTU lobbies (aka you limit packet data, and force a solo online lobby) At cost of breaking online content with server)

Tether is here to stay, since it requires a rework. Theres better things for them to fix sadly, since there free servers, and rentable servers. =/

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To everyone. Offline co op mode no leash attach existed before this game was a thought. It not hard to add it to consoles like ps4 and etc. Ps1 and early consoles it would be a big deal to add it.

Also 2-4 players program on one system wouldn’t be that hard.

Seriously, sometimes I don’t even know why I try. People have explained both in technical terms and non-technical analogies why this isn’t feasible for Conan Exiles, specifically. At this point, it’s kinda like going to several different doctors and they all recommend the same medicine, but you’re insisting that homeopathy works better.

Then again, we live in a world where flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers are a thing.

Let’s try it simpler , @Lady_Bonecold you press continued square button an you order you thralls to attack ,well this will go nice , suddenly you see that one of your thralls is getting wrecked how you will ask it to return ? If your commans go multiple you will have only multiple choice never specific . So since we have the choice to take a horse and a thrall ,use this option for now and for your solitude issues on consoles you can always visit a server :wink: .

There’s so much I could say about console :purple_heart: To sum it up though, look for private servers. You will have some different experiences depending on where you go and what your preferences are. The other option is to rent your own. With console side the limits are hardware right now. Know that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of bugs dating back years (hello login robo kick).