Co-op mode and dedicated server

I recently stomp upon some trouble and problems with co-op mode
cus i tried to play with my friend with mods
but he ALLWAYS got fatal error, mismatching version or even uknow mods (last one we managed to fix it and second too)
If you give us how to fix it fatal error… well we tried everything
-uninstalling game and reinstalling
-resubing mods
-rent a server (and yes it worked… but we didnt managed to keep our sever on run cus of low budged)
-updating any sort of possible drives and stuff
-make sure we had same mods, same versions and in same places in mod list
-set routers and ports
-turning off antivirus and fire wall
And uhh… he cant even play with me on vanilla in co-op mode.

But its not about bugs or something but suggestion for devs that
it would be nice from devs they updated co-op mode that will be stable or fixed? (i guess) or give free server with 4-8-10 slots (depends on devs how many slots they will give us to be able play with friends)

However i found on steam “conan exiles dedicated server”
but i have NO idea how to set this thing on steam, like theres no Guides how to do it in steam but theres others guides that are about to download something from website, but when i look HOW MUCH STUFF YOU NEED TO DO… i just give up. (i just dont like complicated things to do)
I tried run this program and shows “close this window to shut server” but i dont where is my server or even what is ip…
soo i look on folders of this dedicated server
but i didnt find and txt that i can edit or something

So it would be nice if next update would be about co-op or givin us free server (it maybe good thing from my perspective)

It will take some work, but its best to use the Dedicated Server Launcher, if you aren’t already. All the needed information and instructions are on this page already.

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