Private Server : I'm just dumb!

Hello everyone ! I’m in need of your help cause I’m not good enough ! Some weeks ago, I learned hat you cannot play co-op with more than one people and it’s really bothering me cause I want to play with two friends. So I decided to go with the “Private server” option. So today I tried to set up a private server, I download what was needed on steam, got the tool from here : Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.0.44 / Beta: ----), had the steps to go etc… Result : epic fail. I don’t understand how it works :joy: And I need to port my single-player map to the private server + I have some mods. I’ve spent way too much time on my single-player to just say it and go back from scratch (I was actually finishing a huge fortress that my friends would need to besiege and I won’t have the courage to do it again.).

So I hope someone will be able to help set up this server and get my map file in cause I’m to stupid to understand how it works !

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hello, I’m not going to be able to help you through the whole process, I’ve never done it myself.

I can however ask some questions that will help the next person who steps up.

What kind of a set up are you trying?
Running on the same computer you play from?
Running on a spare computer?
Running on a server you bought or rented online?

What operating system on the server? windows? linux? and which version of that operating system?

In the saved folder of the computer you used to build your fortress (Conan exiles / ConanSandBox / Saved) you will find a file called “game.db” this is the file you will need to transfer the world you have been working on.
However I don’t know if it’s a direct copy over, or if it needs to go in a different folder server side, hopefully the next person can tell you.

Lastly admitting you don’t know something and asking for help is a sign that you are smart, not dumb.
I hope someone who can really help see’s this soonish, but it is new years eve.
good luck, and happy new year.


Thank you and happy new year too !

  • I have :
    Intel Quad Core i7-6700
    8 GB of Ram
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB)
    (I think that’s all ?)
  • I am indeed trying to run it on the same computer I’m playing on.
  • I unfortunatly don’t have a spare computer.
  • I’d really like to rent a server, but I don’t have the coin to spare nor the time to make it profitable.
  • I’m on windows 10
  • I saw on internet that I’d need to copy the “game.db” file, however, I’ve a ton of them :joy: Capture
    And I don’t what do to with that :joy:

Thanks again for your reply !

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I have been, it’s even bookmarked :joy: Unfortunatly I still don’t understand. I’ll ask questions over there if no one can help me here.

Thanks and happy new year !

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This is correct, from my own experience:


This is what I have for settings when I open my server launcher, which is on a separate PC:

Only Mod I am currently using is CharEditLite, got ID from copying page URL from Steam Workshop:

Usually the mod author also lists it somewhere, like with Pippi:

Good luck, I scraped through it by using the link that @Shadoza and you reference above. Took a couple of tries but no regrets :slight_smile:

Word of caution, the stand alone server seems to be running a bit slower since before last patch, and there are quite a lot of “informational” errors in the logs. I suspect that’ll be fixed after the holidays, so don’t be surprised if they show up on your setup, it’s not you :slight_smile:

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Wonderful ! Thank you ! What I did with the mods was right but I didn’t seperate the IDs with commas, one thing that’ll work now thanks to you ! Happy to know that only the main “game.db” is useful for this !

Two things and I should be ready to go:

  • When I tried to run up the server, I clicked on the “Test port accessibility” button and all the port lights went red, how do I change that ?
  • How do I play on the server ? Do I go the the server list and all of that ? Or do I need to do something else ?

Thank you again !

I’m really happy to know that ! Yesterday, after I gave up with the private server, I went on my solo save and it kicked me back to the character creation menu, I panicked and closed the game, and later it was back at normal. So I’m really relieved to know that back up saves are a thing !

I’m glad you came out OK in the end. Running a server on the same PC from which you will be playing as a client is a bit challenging to pull off.

For your reference, I have a dedicated older PC in my study that serves my household. Its duty is to create a wonderful Conan Exiles environment that is free from outside influences, except the chosen few I’ve granted access. :control_knobs:

I’m stating this so that you won’t expose the structure of your network. I have technical support experience in France, and know how your infrastructure works at the home level. My setup is quite different, but it serves as an analog.

My Conan Box runs only the CE Server. Between it and the Internet is a router that allows no access from the outside world. Thus when I do a port test on my server, it will show all red on the external access. This is what I desire, in this case.

When I want to allow others to play, I need those lights to be green. That involves changing the rules at my Internet connection itself, a whole other can of worms. It also potentially exposes my network to outside queries, and in some countries, many telecoms will limit such inward access.

Until you can relegate a friend’s old PC to dedicated Conan Server duties, co-op is relatively secure and very reliable. If you choose to rent a server, once set up and secured, you would copy the DB from your co-op, and upload it to your new server on the web. Happy New Year!

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Thank you and happy new year too ! From what I understand, a dedicated server is less secured with the ports opened than a co-op game with ports open ? Cause when one of my friend wants to play, I open the needed port to play co-op, but when I opened the ones needed for the server, they were still with a red light, so i don’t know how to activate them, and from what I can read, It’s pretty hard to put off.

After all, if I can’t manage to have a private server, I’ll still be able to play on co-op, but only with one of my friends. As a side note, why is it limited to 1 extra player on co-op ? It doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Imagine Funcom built the option of a tunnel into your game: it travels on the backbone of the Internet to your friend’s house. This Point-to-Point Tunnel is what we’ve grown to call an ad hoc Virtual Private Network. As it is a tunnel in this case, it’s limited to two sockets. It is further secured by your deliberate opening of a pinhole prior to each play session. This is the best of all options.

When you want to invite the entire world into your home, you open your router, and publish your router’s external IP address. I would assume nobody wants this. Therefore, the developers have made it easy for the end-user to employ discretion with her/his external Internet (real world) ports. You are doing everything correctly. My suggestion would be to eventually rent a higher-end server with no more than 5 slots to begin. You will be delighted.

To all, I have been so extremely satisfied with my internal server experience; it has also, from a diagnostic level, allowed me to discern what’s happening (with lag, slow-downs, disconnects, dupes and network issues) on my Live official server. If you have an old PC, I do strongly suggest creating a local server.

I also possess two hosted servers on a network downtown, and these are professional rackmount Application Server-level dedicated Conan Exiles boxes. Thanks to the Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher, we can self-host small and big.

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I see. Thank you very much my friend for the explanations. Damn it’s complicated for my brain to process eveything :joy: :joy: I’m not out of the woods ! Damn me ! My studies in the medical world are not usefull here and i’m a complete trash with computers !

Always happy to help, am I! I’m glad you saw my answer over in the Servers section; if you want to try a self-hosted server with a game client on the same machine again, you’ve seen the hurdles you must leap. If you should have any follow-up questions, please ask away, here, since these two threads are now successfully linked. I have created a virtual PC client/server machine for easy future reference on the subject. :intel:

ETA: I have said this since 1993. A computer should be like any tool, you just use it. I have sought to be a user manual where possible, because I can speak the language between the expert and the consumer. Tech need not be inscrutable.


Yeah, I think the idea of a private server is kindda hahaha :joy:

Thanks again for the time you spent for me !

Small edit : when I first played on co-op with my friend Las, it went fine. Then he did not play for some days and his body in my solo game disappeared. Later my second friend GS came and we played just fine. But then, Las was not able to come back anymore, even if I was alone on the server. In my opinion, the fact the body of GS had not dispawned was the reason of why he wasn’t able to come back, unlike the fact that when GS came, Las’s body was not here anymore. Right now, neither of them have their body in my world, do you think I could try to make use of this to try something and bypass the 2 player cap and get them online at the same time or something ?

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