Problem connecting to a co-op game

Hi everyone, my friend and I have a problem connecting to a co-op game. After connecting to the game in co-op mode and becoming an administrator, I invited a friend to my game, he had a message for 10-15 minutes "connection is in progress"after the message “failed to connect to the server. Lost contact with the organizer of the game” how to solve this problem please tell me ?)

You may not be happy on this one. I (and many others) have experienced the same thing - Funcom is aware of it, but it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything from them about what they are doing to fix it (or even if they will).

By any chance - is one or both of you using Windows 7? That seems to have been one of the common factors among those of us that ran in to the problem.

My friend windows 7

And there is any possibility to create a server without renting just local and through what program to do it?)

Sounds like you are probably experiencing the same problem as the rest of us then.

Really not my area of expertise, but I know that there is a dedicated server tool - I believe that allows creating a local server. There is this thread about troubleshooting that tool, which should at least get you closer to finding what you’re looking for - but I really don’t know how the tool works or even where to get it.

@Kanza1 or @Narelle - you’re both usually way better on this stuff than I am - do you know a bit more?

Edit: Doh! Forgot to add link for thread I was talking about -

@DanQuixote I am sorry, I am not aware of a solution that allows co-op to work on Win7. I have seen multiple people reporting troubles connecting when using this system. As far as I am aware it is something to do with the security protocols. I am using Win10 and have no such troubles. Others have successfully resolved their issue by switching to Win10.

Regarding the dedicated tool, I don’t use it either. I tried to make it work on my system but I couldn’t get the port forwarding to work and I have a dynamic IP. I hear it is even more complicated to make it work on the same PC and it depends on what access you are given by your ISP. However, even though I haven’t managed to make it work for myself, there are hundreds others who are using the tool successfully to run their servers. Follow the guide and if you have any issue that has not been addressed in the thread already, feel free to post it in there.

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@DanQuixote Same as Narelle , I have knowledge on rented server , but haven’t tried to set up a dedicated one on my computer. It seems like a Windows 7 issue ( which is no more supported by microsoft since January 2015 , and the extended support has ended January 2020 ) . My guess is this issue will not be resolved other than switching to a newer OS !

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Thank you for the answer a friend will change Windows and I will try to make a dedicated server

And I hope that the developers will still solve the problems with the co op game

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