Impossible to play in COOP with my friend

Hello, since yesterday my friend have buyed the game. he find it fun and all and he buyed the game to play with me, but since yesterday too, the game tell us that the connection to the serveur is impossible and the host have been lost. he’s in my friendlist, and it’s doesn’t work in the two ways, when i’m inviting it and when he does it. we’re both on steam btw.
is it normal?
can someone help us about it?

Has it ever worked? Any of the 2 using Win7?

not me, my friend do yes

I know some users running Win7 experience issues with co-op but unfortunately, I don’t know how to help.

Yeah, there’s a few of us in this situation (definitely seems to be a Win7 thing from my limited understanding)

Funcom are looking at the issue, but need log files from as many of us as possible (because more data is usually a good thing…).

See this thread for more:

thanks Dan ^^’

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