Co-op issue, again

Hello my fellow exile friends ! So, I had a lot of troubles to get the co-op working, but thanks to @Kearsan (big big heart on you again and for ever :heart:), I was able to make it work. But, recently, a second friend went on the server. Everything went fine again. In the same time, the new steam update went live. Now, everytime my first friend wants to come back on the server, it’s not working, the same way it was before, BUT, my second friend can still come and play just fine. I tested a lot of ways to make it work, but nothing is working. Now, my question is : What is the reason for this ? I have a few ideas :

1- The steam update screwed things up
2- The arrival of my second friend screwed things up
3- I’m actually stupid (I’ll keep that in mind)
4- I’m really unlucky

As a side note, neither me nor my friend changed anythingsin ports, settings and all of that, it’s just that one day it was working, and the next day, the game said “screw you”.
Other side note : The corpse of my first friend disappeared from the world (which is a common thing when you don’t log in for a while) but he’s still in my clan, so the server didn’t wiped him out.

Hope you can help me, or at least give me some answers.

Good night fellow exiles !

I’m on Solo/Co-op mode and got some friends that joined me.

Damn, never saw any mentions of that ! But, what I don’t understand is why I was able to invite a second friend. And more importantly, why my first friend cannot join, even if my second friend is not connected.

Arggg, damn it ! Thank you for those really valuable informations ! I wish I would have known this. But why only one other player on co-op, it doesn’t make sense. There is a tether distance, so it’s not like it would be to crazy for the server to understand what’s going on. Damn, I’m really sad now :joy: Thanks again !

Yep, he did, now Iguess I’ll need get into it. Oh man, it’s going to be a mess, I’m really not that great with all the PC stuff :joy: If you know the detail of “how to set up a private server” I’ll gladly take it !

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