Co-op not working 2020-06-29

Tried to play in co-op with my brother and well as the title says it doesnt work, no matter who tries to join whom it will get stuck on “attempting to joing game” and it will go on forever, we play on the same internet.
We both can join official servers,
We dont use any mods
We both tried lots of old possible “solutions” such as inviting through steam, unlocking ports etc.
And we are both out of ideas how to make it work, we had hopes after noticing a hotfix that was supposed to adress coop issues but it did absolutely nothing to us.
Im hoping that someone can help with this issue.

I am having the exact same problem. Steam invites keep freezing the game and ingame invites never arrive.

then its not the same problem because on my issue nothing freezes and all the invites are coming through im just stuck on connecting like i specified before well i cannot send a link or graphic so i cannot show how it looks like

so what is this forum really for? since i didnt get any response other than “i have issue that involves coop as well”

The forum is what it says. It’s not the most popular forum here, so traffic is a little slow. But more to the point, the co-op mode of gameplay is a bit of a niche within a niche. So, the number of people here who are able to help you is rather limited.

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