[Bug] Co-op has not functioned in months


Game mode: Single-player/Co-op
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: NA

I sincerely hope this has captured someone’s attention by now, because there has been a serious connection issue since the major patch of June 16th. No matter what attempts we make, our co-op sessions fail to connect, and Funcom Live Services never seem to recognize them. Everything looks fine on our end, but something isn’t meeting us.

Compiling several weeks of research, playtesting and reports has lead to a final (exhaustive) conclusion: the new Funcom Live Services are not properly supporting Windows 7 users as it should. This began precisely in June and has not seen change, much less official acknowledgement and that is concerning.

We have done everything in our power to resolve the connection issue, and nothing has worked. Simply put; it’s not us – it’s Funcom. This isn’t our problem to resolve, it is theirs. There was never difficulty for us before June’s patch and nothing on our end was changed. We are at a complete loss now – months and weeks without our game – and the ball is in the court of the development team. Nothing to be done but to continue flagging this until an official answer is heard, and a solution is found. (Please fix this swiftly.)

With and without the various workarounds presented by other players in the community, my friend (a Windows 10 user) and I are still unable to connect to each other’s game. Other Win7 users report the same occurrence. Migrating to another OS is not a solution; co-op was never a problem before (in our time playing).

This issue will remain unresolved until the development team fixes their Live Services recognition and connection issues for Win7 and across the board. For anyone else experiencing and reporting the same problem, please list your OS.

Quick info:
OS: Windows7 and Windows10

  • ‘Failure to connect to host’ Co-op error

Attempting to connect through Friend List on menu displays no error when it inevitably times out. Connecting from Steam game session invite does correctly display the error when it times out. Apart from the display, they otherwise seem identical.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Co-op session begins.
  2. Attempt to join friend’s game.
  3. Very long wait. (5+ minutes)
  4. Fails to connect to host.
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Not to point out the obvious, but MIcrosoft doesn’t even support Windows 7. Main support ended 2015 and they gave extended support until the beginning of this year.

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This is true. However, games don’t normally phase it out as well even with future expansions. More to the point: Conan Exiles still claims to support and run on Windows 7 (no official announcements were made otherwise), and did function perfectly fine until the infamous patch on June 16th which introduced Funcom Live Services – an update which broke a great deal of connection stability for everyone on every OS. We are still experiencing that aftermath, patched every so often.

I serve to draw attention to a feature of the game that is currently completely unusable, and presenting what we know to better help the developers contend with such problems. It was curious for those of us reporting weeks ago, and learning some on Windows 10 are testing co-op fine. Process of elimination… Now here is to hoping they can fix this hiccup sooner rather than later, as more bugs are ironed out.

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The latest Hotfix 2.0.3 states it has “Fixed an issue that prevented creating custom Singleplayer and Cooperative sessions.”

Update to our game session trials: a new co-op session was tested with my friend and our issue persists. We are struggling to Join sessions. No changes yet found – we still can’t play together. If anyone experienced these issues (specifically with Windows 7) and has new success after the Hotfix, please leave a response and details for replication.

After beginning a new game with a full reinstall (never mods), we still have no luck joining cooperative sessions. We have tried everything available to us, but I’ve considered running more tests and note comparisons in the hope of finding some last significant clue. Has anyone had success or persisting co-op network problems they could further illuminate on?

Same, OS: Windows7, ‘Failure to connect to host’ Co-op error
Co-op session begins ~> Attempt to join friend’s game ~>
Very long wait. (5+ minutes) ~> Fails to connect to host.

Yes, that was my experience as well when a friend and I tried. I’m also on Windows 7.
Unfortunately, in the time while co-op has been unavailable, the one friend I know that owns the game has got bored and moved on to other things (he’d have stuck at it longer in a co-op session because it’s the classic CE frustration that someone who doesn’t want to watch videos and check the wiki often runs into stages of not knowing what they’re ‘supposed’ to do now). As a result, even if this problem does get fixed, it’ll be too late for me - my shot at playing co-op has essentially passed by… That’s life, I bought the game for the game, but it would’ve been nice to get a bit of co-op in at some point.

Yeah, almost four months and this is unsolved, instead, they close the threads without solving or acknowledgment nothing, I’m from México, and here, that king of attitude has a name: corruption. I discussed about this (the thing that funcom seems to have dropped Windows 7 support) with someone before and that person defended funcom, the days are still counting down, like I say, if funcom will stop supporting W7, they need to say it, but right now, I’m thinking to seriously talk whit some authority in Oslo… It is no longer about the money, it is because of the lack of respect for they consumers.

Edit: also, I don’t think that this is only W7 issue, I see some threads of people on W10 having the same problem… and I questioned to someone to tell me what exactly search on the logs to give a bug report, nobody helped, it all resumes to, anyone knows nothing, and we seem to be screw up, because nobody will refund us, oh well, that’s what it seems.

Thank you all ! Show me that i’m not alone Q_Q
Hope Funcom can fix it !

That is awful – I’m sorry to hear your experience was ruined because of this. :frowning: That is a pain I know well. It’s hard to keep friends interested in the game, particularly when the whole intention was to play together. The lifespan of the game is cut significantly shorter while we await these crippling bug fixes. Sadly, this happened with a couple of my games and co-op all at the same time – Conan Exiles in particular (the others did not suffer the same network bugs, but enough issues to also be unplayable) – so it’s hard not to feel disheartened or even angry about it. Once that momentum of interest is gone, it is very difficult to reignite the passion to play. It never comes back the same again, now that the best of circumstances are gone. Not to mention, “Once burned, twice shy.”

Likewise, this game could still be played (solo)…but, for me, I won’t and at the moment it goes against my better judgement to promote the game without reasonable hope of these bugs being fixed. It’s only fair not to mislead people to suffer the same frustration. Some of my friends are chill about the minor bugs, because what game is perfect? But this…this just ruined a whole year of our plans, and my position now is only to salvage what I can, and just maybe restore the faith of one other person to try this game again, if only the development team would fix their network issues and stability…or whatever is causing the co-op problem this time. And maybe if they become much more transparent and communicative about a lot of things, starting immediately. It isn’t feasible to even make a private server, after this.

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I sympathize with your frustration. What we need is some official word that they recognize the issue and are working hard to resolve it, so everyone may play however they please. All evidence points to something in their network being the cause of this, since this only happened after they introduced Funcom Live Services and retired their old method of connecting players. But, we need to hear it. Then we need to see results. Whatever more was changed during that time needs to be reassessed.

I’ve noticed some players who were having these problems simply moved on. It is possible this issue is affecting Windows 10 users as well. I see it most with Win7, and so far no solutions. The playerbase has tried to help and troubleshoot, but to no avail. This only further proves there is nothing that the players can do, and nothing we did wrong to be denied a function of the game. Anything we can post to help the developers better understand, and aid players, the better.

I appreciate the sentiment - but I certainly didn’t mean to give the impression that my experience was ruined - it just meant I don’t get to play co-op, which is a shame, because it would’ve been fun. I’ve still had (and continue to have) plenty of enjoyment playing the game solo (over 1200 hours so far). I do certainly wish that Funcom would prioritise the bugs that prevent players on certain platforms from playing (either some modes, as is the case here, or even entirely) - whether it’s Win7, X-Box or AMD issues. That said, they may be prioritising these bugs, it just may be more complicated than other bugs that therefore get fixed quicker.

I guess I’m pretty much in the camp of not worrying about the minor bugs, sure I’d like to see them fixed, but they mostly just don’t bother me that much. Got stuck in a rhino’s head again yesterday, a little annoying, but I also know they’ve tried fixing it multiple times (because they’ve said multiple times that it was fixed, only for it to turn out not to be), they’ve just not been successful. And getting headbutted off a cliff by my own tiger was such a ‘cat thing’ that it was kinda hilarious. That said, like you I am more hesitant to recommend the game to others - I may be ok with the glitches (most of the time), but I would feel a need to honestly explain them for anyone thinking of buying the game. (I would also point out that I still get a lot of enjoyment out of it, but I would want them to be fully informed.)

As you say, communication is the key issue - and I definitely feel that Funcom has dropped the ball on this sometimes. To me the biggest example was the lack of communication between the Followers II update and the release of Siptah - that was quite a long period with players complaining of no new information coming out, which led to many claiming that it was because Funcom had abandoned the game and were now focused solely on Dune. The release of Siptah, of course, proves that wrong, but by then some players may already have moved on. Presumably it was a marketing decision to try to build hype fast, I’m just not convinced it was the right one (but what do I know of running a games company?).

The other thing I will say on the subject of communication, however, is that too can be more complicated. To maintain the level of communication players want might well require hiring additional staff purely to fill that role - and where would that communication need to occur? Probably only a small proportion of the player base uses the forums (at least regularly), or follows Funcom on social media, so that could also be a difficulty. Plus, in my example above, presumably all they would have had to communicate would have been ‘we are working on something special, but don’t want to release any details yet’ - which would almost certainly have led to a raft of different complaints. I imagine these pitfalls are hard to navigate.

Hopefully they get this issue sorted soon, and you get the chance to persuade someone to join you :slight_smile: (And if you really don’t like solo play, that’s totally fair, but I would say there’s a decent bit there if you do want to give it a go - though tweaking the settings definitely helps :wink: )

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Hey there,

We’ve sent note to our team so they can look into this. For those of you being unable to play in coop mode, could you send us your game logs (located in the game’s install directory inside Saved\Logs) for both host and client so we can relay them to the team?

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Sorry, bit of a luddite here - can’t figure out a way to open the logfiles to check which is the right one (and probably wouldn’t understand what I’m looking at anyway).
My last attempt was several weeks ago - based on the earliest save backup I have for the game I started for the attempted co-op session - I believe I have identified the most likely relevant logs (we made several attempts, trying with either of us hosting, which fits with there being four small logfiles).

Can anyone tell me how to send these logfiles (in case they are relevant) - I’m getting a message that they can’t be uploaded because they are the wrong type of file.

@Ignasi - if I’ve done this right, the link below should give you my relevant log files (maybe probably?)

Hopefully these help - I’m happy to provide whatever else is needed (but may need the ‘explaining to a toddler’ version…)

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Same, i have windows 7 and game have only single player.When i try find serwer, i see raport" u dont have internet conection" when i have nice internet

I do not know why Funcom is not looking at the new Live service as the issue, there was no issue before they added this new way to connect but ever since they introduced that Live Service’s to how we connect this is a problem for hundreds of people. Funcom a suggestion, maybe you should test it with your live services not on. Seems funny that it all happened after you added that way to connect.

Thanks for the logs. They’ve been relayed to our team.

Those of you affected by this issue, could you also let us know your OS version, and if this issue happens with or without BattlEye active?


Ignais you really should stop the copy and paste and actually speak to your community and acknowledge the issue that the funcom live is obviously broken and doesnt work for what its suppose to do. Infact steam and discord does the job for you already no need to reinvent the wheel. If you want to try to save what little fan base you have focus on the bugs. That has plague the server and the games and try to relook at your game and look at area that you can try to convert and consolidate codes. It’s getting harder to recommend people the game when there are newer games wanting to steal our attention away.