Broken Coop on PC!

I bought all the add-ons for the game at full price to play with a friend in co-op. But we can’t do that, as it turns out!! Because developers have long spat on this problem and no one fixes it!! Are you even going to fix a broken co-op?? I don’t need this game without co-op!! First, there is a long connection to the game, and then the game writes that it was not possible to connect, because the organizer does not respond. We tried it on different computers, the situation is the same everywhere. Our computers meet the stated requirements! I already filed a refund request, I don’t need this “game”. Finish the game or do not dare to demand such money for it.

Funcom Fallout 76, The Last of Us 2, Cyber Punk 2077… Big Tech problems rolling in.

If you or your friend use Windows 7, you won’t be able to play co-op. They broke the game mode back in June last year with an update, even if the rest of the game runs well on the operating system. Many players have moved on or have been waiting ever since. The game advertises functioning on Windows 7 in multiplayer and cooperative play, and it doesn’t. People paid for a full game, not broken features. Worse if they play with the intention of gaming with friends. It’s frustrating co-op worked before then, and ridiculous a part of the game is so busted after half a year of reports and complaints. When they will prioritize and fix this, I don’t know. It seems devs need reminders people want a full game.

Or … maybe Windows 7 is an OS no longer supported by Microsoft , and therefore maybe Microsoft is responsible for changing the way it worked on newer OS to “force” people switching from 7 to 10 .

I can’t see a reason for Funcom to make their game unplayable (for coop) on windows 7 , but I can see a reason why Microsoft would make it harder for inter communication on Windows7 machines with 8 and 10 , to give an incentive to people on this OS to move to a newer one …

or … maybe the technology in use has changed on newer OS because progress , and because Windows 7 is no longer supported , there is no update to bring this OS up to date …


My friends and I weighed that possibility too, even if other games connect fine as they always have and continue to. Even new games. We exhausted every possible option, suggestion, and contacted everyone we could to troubleshoot. We even investigated Windows updates, seeing what changed and found nothing consequential. However, on June 16th of last year a Conan Exiles patch was released changing how the game connects. Since that day co-op has not functioned, repeating the same failure to connect error (which takes well over 5 minutes before timing out, when it once took less than 15 seconds to find the host). There were several other reports around that time detailing connection issues, and issues like the impossibly high and unreadable ping. This was not exclusive to Windows 7 users. It’s too much of a coincidence that co-op broke then, directly alongside their patch.

It is in fact a Conan Exiles thing. Updating to another OS is not a real bug solution if the game is designed to function on the operating system. It’s irrelevant to the issue. This IS in fact a bug in the game itself they need to repair, because it makes an entire feature unplayable (as with the OP, some play exclusively for co-op and that isn’t any less important from others). It’s some weird issue with cooperative play specifically, because of how they changed their game. Of course Funcom didn’t intend to break coding – and there has been no official word on it, as far as I know – but like any number of issues preventing people from playing and supporting their game, they should fix it. Seven months, no game.

Anyone, imagine waking up to that one day and sharing the bad news and disappointment with a friend your new favorite game is suddenly inaccessible, gone completely along with your money, and you’re in the same boat as strangers. You did no wrong. Some of us still like and want to support the game. We’re simply, justifiably frustrated and even feel robbed while waiting for official answers, updates and solutions. Best thing known to do is continue asking and informing. It’s a long time to wait.


Ever since they added their Funcom live service is when it stopped working for Win 7 users but they still say its suppose to work on Win 7 when you go to buy , its to be honest false advertising, not sure how steam allows it.

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