Co op doesent work

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If i try to play conan exiles in coop i always get the error message steam online dienst funktioniert nicht and cant join the game

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1.Try Playing coop with an friend with some mods using steam
2.wait an hour to load the game
3.recive an wounderfull erormessage Steam Online dienst reagiert nicht

Hey @Igel2016

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the frustration.
Could you let us know what is your the OS running on your PC? This could help us identify the issue, as we’re aware of coop mode experiencing issues on Windows 7 systems, which is an unsupported OS.
If not playing on Windows 7, maybe the issue lays on the modlist order, which can cause similar issues if not configured properly.

I still do not get this , you sold this to be played on the Windows 7 OS up to a few weeks ago it was stated on Steam it would play on Windows 7 os but all of a sudden you make changes in your game and then it no longer works on the OS you sold it to many people for it to work on , then you change what the needed stats are on steam with no word in patch notes anywhere. So are you going to give them back their money as it no longer works on the OS you sold it to them to play on. I run Windows 10 so not matter to me but selling it for one OS then changing it after sale even if a couple of year , then blaming on the OS you sold it to work on seems wrong to me and to your players.

It is not the OS’s fault it is the changes that you did to the game after which you changed the required OS with out notice to its players.

Are there plans to fix the Windows 7 coop problem in the future? Or is the official answer going to be “Upgrade to Windows 10”?

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