Will there be rentable servers for PS4?

I can’t stand tethers is why I’m asking.

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I hope so, I asked the same question to their Twitter but no answer there either :frowning:

I asked the same question and get the same answer - none.

I hope it will be like the xbox: Conan Exiles XBOX server

Nitrado told me other wise or will it not be nitrado hosting them?

possibly on g-portal seeing as it’s where the official servers are hosted if I understand correctly.

Can’t hurt to ask them over at their website.

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I did ask them & they confirmed that they are in fact doing the rent-able servers for PS4.

Considering this question is being asked multiple times by multiple forum members and being answered multiple times, it is easy for one or two to slip through the cracks.

Yes. Console users (XBOX & PS4) will be able to rent dedicated servers for 24/7 use. As far as the XBOX is concerned - 10-user, 20-user, & 30-user rentals are available.

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When as i see other private servers. official not showing this morning.Made a ticket with nitrado as I checked google and there is a company offereing ps4 servers. but we have 5 maps running on ark. 3rdegree Burns

G-Portal is the offical company supprting Conan servers :slight_smile:

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Does that mean only they will rent servers for ps4? not nitrado

Thats what was said on the last stream.

Ok to be clear. Are you saying that funcom stated only that company you mentioned will host ps4 conan servers? Or are you saying they are offical renters. as Nitrado is for ark but you can still get servers from other companies. thanks

just checked amd gportal is in the opning screen of the game. I wish we are told. We have 5 servers on ark now we have to migrate to gportal as they are cheaper and nitrado support is terrible. Our clan will be annoyed as they will loose everything