NO Ability for Console dedicated servers ? NO GOOD!

I need to give some additional information regarding my original issue ( Funcom #1064162 )…
You are saying a dedicated server is only available for PC ???
Please allow me to voice some concerns with that if it is true.
First of all your advertisement does NOT clearly state that this function of being able to create a private dedicated server is ONLY available to PC…
This poses a number of problems for your player base on PS4 and Xbox.
A… Most players will opt for a private dedicated server if available…
B… Most PVP Public servers will have one clan dominate server and ruin it for everyone else…
C… ALL PVE Public servers will become so cluttered with remnants of previous player-clan builds making it impossible to have a good experience. ( You cannot destroy other players stuff on PVE server and even with a modest decomposition scale things are always left )
ARK survival evolved already has the tech and platform opened with sony for someone to design a game on PS4 which allows a players to run a separate PS4 console for dedicated private server….
I find it extremely disappointing that you have not taken advantage of this and worked it into your system.
I was looking forward to supporting your wonderful game but NOT with the aforementioned environments for game play on “Public” servers.
I certainly hope that this reaches NOT only the person(s) that this will help make a better informed decision to invest time in this game but, that this be brought to the attention of someone who can actually do something about this.
Thank you for your time :frowning:

*** This is an addendum to my original post here which was 4 or 5 days ago.
Since the original post I have experienced alot of support not only from community player base but, from the Funcom Team. The amount of effort going into Funcom Team response is to be applauded and has completly turned my negative feeling about supporting Conan Exiles and also Funcom.
The Raid times on PVP servers will be interesting to see work. But, I think they are a very positive step in the right direction helping make a single clan dominating a server a little more challenging.
My issues with having a private dedicated server have been resolved with renting one thru a server site supporting PS4 and the game.
Thank you again for everyones ( especially Funcom ) help, time and attention…


You can have dedicated servers in Conan Exiles. You just can’t host it on your own, you need to rent it from a hosting company. This is already being done by players on the xbox game preview version.

There is guidance in the game itself for how to do this.

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Yes you can rent one… be for a while now its not been possible because it says “at capacity” … so how can I have my own server when they only allow so many rentals? We need more or the dedicated through console. I have contacted g-portal about it with no answer

I can see how not being able to rent a server would make my suggested solution difficult :scream:
I’ll investigate and come back to you about that.

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Thnx for the reply. Any info on where and who to contact to get one?

Xbox console just isn’t powerful enough to host.

It seems like US East and West are currently full, but G-Portal is on location right now setting up new servers at both locations, so there will be servers available for renting.

@AlphaMadSkilz You should be able to find an option to rent a server in the Main Menu of the game after launcing the game, possibly in the server list. This is the method for consoles.

On PC you can find a server provider through google, visit our official server provider:, or even host your own.

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When will those extra servers be available? If you know anyway, can you share?

I’m not sure when they will be available. They will definitely be available for launch, but hopefully before that. As I said, they are currently setting them up, so they’re available ASAP.

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awesome! thank you for the info.

Thank you for that info… :smile:
I contacted g-portal and have one set up now …
Thank you again,

Hi, g-portal has server(s) avail. for PS4…
Thank you again for responding to my original post…

This is a bummer since I’ve got tons of money stored on Nitrado. In any case I headed over to gportal and could only find PC conan servers. How did you go about contacting them and getting a PS4 one set up?

Thank you so much for responding. It is very nice to see the dev team so responsive… It shows you guys care… Thank you…
AND, I was able to go to g-portal and they have been extremely helpful and are ready for PS4 servers as you have indicated…
Thanks again Funcom team,

If you go to the site you will see rent a server box - link . Once you click on that you will see One says ps4. once you click on it though it does not clarify PS4 but I have been assured that on launch my purchase is for PS4. There is a box-link on the first page of their home page that says support. For contacting them

Is there a chance that Nitrado will ever host servers? I as well, like @Hermes, l have a bit of money put into Nitrado, and wanted to switch my Ark server for PS4 over to Conan Exiles. If not, I guess I won’t be able to have a private server for some time… D:

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Hi @xxladyphoenixx,
g-portal allows you to take your “Slots” purchased and apply or divide them up between any servers you create. So, when your tired of playing on one server you’ve made say for “ARK” then you just make another server and apply some or all of your purchased “Slots” to the new server you create…
Hope this helps…

Yes, but thing is… I have 275 days left on my Nitrado (which does seem to have Conan Exiles on their list of games. Just for pc, maybe, though?) account that I had wanted to be able to switch to Conan from “Ark”. Will I be able to do this at some point? If not, I won’t be able to get a private server then, and will be playing “Ark” instead of this most awesome looking game of Conan Exiles. Oh the horror…(I’ve been waiting so long for this type of survival/building game)!

Though this whole being able to split slots up between servers sounds very interesting… Wonder if I can get a refund from Nitrado?..