NO ability for Dedicated Servers for Consoles ? No GOOD!

I need to give some additional information regarding my original issue ( Funcom #1064162 )…
You are saying a dedicated server is only available for PC ???
Please allow me to voice some concerns with that if it is true.
First of all your advertisement does NOT clearly state that this function of being able to create a private dedicated server is ONLY available to PC…
This poses a number of problems for your player base on PS4 and Xbox.
A… Most players will opt for a private dedicated server if available…
B… Most PVP Public servers will have one clan dominate server and ruin it for everyone else…
C… ALL PVE Public servers will become so cluttered with remnants of previous player-clan builds making it impossible to have a good experience. ( You cannot destroy other players stuff on PVE server and even with a modest decomposition scale things are always left )
ARK survival evolved already has the tech and platform opened with sony for someone to design a game on PS4 which allows a players to run a separate PS4 console for dedicated private server….
I find it extremely disappointing that you have not taken advantage of this and worked it into your system.
I was looking forward to supporting your wonderful game but NOT with the aforementioned environments for game play on “Public” servers.
I certainly hope that this reaches NOT only the person(s) that this will help make a better informed decision to invest time in this game but, that this be brought to the attention of someone who can actually do something about this.
Thank you for your time :frowning: