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Hopefully this suggestion reaches a dev, but similar to ARK on console it would be nice to be able to host a private server instance of Conan Exiles on an xbox or ps4. Obviously this would mean a spare console running a dedicated server app within the conan exiles client and of course a console based server would have limitations. However it would be a nice capability for small groups of players who don’t want to pay for private hosting. My Clan and I for example would love a testing ground to login to and quickly test things without need of paying for a rented server. It also gives the console player base options long after funcom decides to pull down official servers for the game or third party hosting options become scarce.


Don’t think Sony would go for that read in another post could open up to hackers. Among other things

Sony had no problem letting WildCard add the feature to Ark on PS4. There’s no policy reason that would prevent funcom from doing the same with Conan.

That would be great I have 3 ps4 my wife’s mine and a spare if you hear how it’s done please let me know. Probably still requires playstation plus?

(speaking of Ark) You can host it locally on your lan but you would need a subscription somewhere to make it available to anyone within the PSN or Xbox networks outside your home network. Anyone with a console version of Ark can host their own private server instance. It has limitations compared to private rented servers but its still feasible for small groups of players that casually play. It would seem technically possible for the developers to make this a feature for Conan exiles but wether they actually can or not is a different story.

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