When will Conan get private servers for console

Me and a friend are on Sony PS4 and was wondering when we will get private servers an could we make are private servers uncensored or not.

Hey there, Nocturne22! Private servers can be rented for Conan Exiles on console through our partners at G-Portal. They appear to be sold out at the moment, but they are working on getting more servers to meet demand. Please keep an eye on their site for updated availability.

I rented a server but Everytime it starts up it goes back offline can u help

I’m sorry but we are not able to provide support for rented servers. You will need to contact G-Portal’s support staff for assistance with that.

I have and they taken 4 hours and haven’t responded, u guys says thier a official partner, but can’t get thier issue under control, u might want to change your support, or have a talk with them

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