Single Player In Conan Exiles


I am thinking about buying the game but was wondering how single player is in the game? Is there plenty of NPCs to interact with and to keep me busy or is it mostly dead like many survival games? I am not a big survival gamer but I am a long time Conan fan and I also played AoC for a long time.


imo, make the buy. There is plenty of partial lore and stunning environments to explore to keep you busy for a week or two. Early access ends on may 8th and a new version of the game will be released adding neutral/friendly NPC’s completed lore and much better combat system with many many more improvements on the game you’ll see now. At some point you are going to want to play it, might as well save $10 and buy it early.


I can’t enjoy single player, as i find myself unable to be restrained from the admin panel, ruining it for me. Finding a private pvp server or a pve one is best for some interaction (and self regulation). The map is huge and the player cap low, so you don’t run into people nearly as often as mmo’s, but the game is amazing! Very much worth purchasing and waiting for the official launch when most of the content is added and polished. :slight_smile:


You will still be able to act like an admin in SP but you have to confirm this in the settings menu. It’s a psychological border against admin abuse in SP :innocent:.
I played a lot SP and it was fun even if you can’t act as an admin.


i would also recommend you to go for some nice private server. I prefer Shadow Dynasty RP and PvP server (RP FIRST, PvP later). Good community, good idea and good way to enjoy World of Conan Exiles solo, but with option to meet and interact with other players if you like. Players are forbidden to kill each other on sight - this could be something for you


Thanks for the replies. I think I will check it out!


IMO, based on what I have seen them add in to date on the Test Live version, there is a large amount of content updates coming to keep you busy, including significant changes to the number of thralls, improved ‘dungeons’, more bosses, and implementation of the lore.


I think what they end up doing with the settlement system will make a big difference here. The plan was scaled back, but we don’t know how or for how long.


I played a lot in Single Player earlier, and that was really fun. But also because I like the idea of being on my own and survive what the world throws at me.
There are a few NPCs to interact with but those are very, very sparse. I saw in a stream that there will be a small city where you can interact with merchants and the like, but so far there is no questing system or the like and it comes down to survival gaming.
That said, in my opinion Conan Exiles really manages to catch the atmosphere of the Conan world. The ruins, architecture, animals/monsters, the weapons and armour types and all that really contributes to that and I was always under the impression that the devs carefully chose what fits in and what doesn’t. In my opinion they got that absolutely right.
There are also story elements, a main story which won’t be as thick as in an RPG like game, but it will be there. There are also bits of lore and a few npcs who talk to you a bit. Just don’t expect the online RPG experience.

Since I am by no means a PvP player and also don’t like lots of other players in my gaming world, I rather play the game together with my wife and friends. I guess that’s actually the way Conan Exiles is most enjoyable for me.


OP, if you decide to buy the game, come back and let us know what you think.
I for one would be interested in hearing your thoughts based on some of the commentary in this thread.


If you are even a mild fan of the lore and Hyporian Age you cant go wrong with the purchase. As others have said the visuals and style are simply amazing for the Exiled Lands. I think Robert Howard would be impressed with how FC is bringing his universe to life.


I bought the game about a month or so ago, and I’ve absolutely loved the single player apsect of it. One recommendation that I have is to take your time, and enjoy being lost. Learning how to do stuff was really fun for me. And I do a lot of sightseeing too!


The Single Player on Conan Exiles should be renamed to:

“Ritual of Discipline: Don’t use the admin panel.”


Here’s a way to keep SP fun. Build your base in the south where you have abundant trees, rocks, food and water, (and not much more) then go on expeditions to collect advanced materials and thralls across the rest of the map. There will be no shortage of enemies to challenge you as your exploration uncovers new places.
And I only use the admin panel to build structures intended as art, like giant pyramids or patching ancient bridges.
Keep your eyes open for mods from the Steam Workshop that make it possible to beat boss enemies with adequate advancement for SP.