Thinking about buying this game. I have some questions


I’m thinking about buying Conan Exiles but I have some questions first (thank you in advance for answering them):

  1. Are there official PvE servers (what is their capacity)?
  2. How annoying is hunger and thirst (I really dislike this in survival games)? Do I have to eat and drink constantly?
  3. Is there a build limit? Can I only build small houses or big fortresses if I want to?
  4. Can I hire NPCs? Let’s say guards, merchants etc? If yes do they play a big role? Can I bring them with me for example to a fight?
  5. Besides surviving, what is the end-game like? Dungeons? Bosses?
  6. Is this game solo-friendly (even when playing on Multiplayer servers)?
  7. Is there a max level? Can I unlock all skills or do I have to go for a certain build?
  8. Are there server purges? By that I mean do I lose all my buildings etc after a certain amount of time (when the server decides to reset)?

I know that’s a lot of questions but thank you in advance for answering them! It will help me decide if Conan Exiles is a game for me.

Hey there. First up i’d like to welcome you to the community. Second ill try to answer your questions as best i can.

Answers to questions numbers.

  1. PVE has just gotten some nice updates with this most recent test live patch it was more of just you building your home and making it look cool due to the purge not functioning properly and now it seems to be working just fine which means not only will you build your cool home you will now defend it from the occasional wave of mobs who wanna wreck up the place.

  2. Hunger and water is not that bad most places have a water source near by which completely fills water and depending on the kind of activity you doing it can last a very long time. Same goes for hunger there is always stuff around to eat but if you don’t wanna cook its even easier put 10points into survival and then you can eat your food raw!

  3. There does not appear to be a build limit i’ve seen everything from huts to fortresses to even cities so ya know go wild bro!

  4. You do not hire them you beat the crap out of them with a stick and put em on the wheel of pain then once they are broke you place them where you want them and give them food from time to time not really a bad trade off. (also fun to beat em with a stick.)

  5. Currently pve does not have alot of end game the closest thing we have to end game is the story content which resets your character and a handful of dungeons i’d suggest you wait to do till level 60. However there is more being added but Funcom is currently working on fixes at the moment!

  6. This game can be solo friendly especially on PVE though pvp you will want to learn to hide well as some people can be jerks though i’ve seen 1 man tribes take down 10 man tribes. So go for it.

  7. There is a max level it is currently 60 and there is a meta to builds right now however with the recent changes to archery and the addition of a new weapoin i am not sure they are reliable anymore.

  8. No there are not currently purge servers, Purges are npc thrall waves that attack your home after you do a certain amount of stuff and proviod unique items and thrals that give you cool stuff.

I certainly hope that i answered your questions to your satisfaction and if you have any more please feel free to let me know. If you join the game once again welcome to Conan exiles and Have fun!

A word of warning in regards to the official servers: Many of them appear to be populated with at least one troll clan. They’ll do anything they can short of outright attacking you (because on a PvE server, they can’t) to ruin your gameplay and generally hack you off–because for them, that’s fun. Also, there is NO moderation or policing on the official servers. Generally speaking, if someone is trolling or griefing you, well…that sucks, sorry. There are official rules you’re supposed to follow, and if someone does some specific thing to you, you can report them, and maybe, MAYBE, it’ll get addressed. Eventually. Good luck.

My suggestion: roll a single-player game, get a feel for how the systems work and such, then find yourself a quality private server. They’re not hard to find–or even set up yourself. Best of luck, and welcome to the Exiled Lands!

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  1. Yes there are official PvE servers. The maximum number allowed online at anytime is 40, there can be more than 40 accounts with characters& buildings on the server but only 40 online at any time. The servers are hosted from different locations and most have a “ping” jointing restruction of 140fps … this is a default region lock. There are a couple of no-ping official servers (PvP I think).
    Official servers do NOT have any admin or moderators so any griefing or anti-social behaviour you encounter you will need to deal with yourself … Funcom will NOT intervene.

  2. You do need to eat and drink regularly in this game. Drinking isn’t too much of a problem with a water skin in most places as if you look at water as you take a drink it auto-refills the skin as well as satisfying the thirst and all water sources can be drunk. Consuming a piece of food also triggers a small heal-over-time effect, so you will often eat to heal so you won’t often get to a danger-point in hunger. (There is also heal-specific potions/food separate from “food”).
    The time I find I’m in most danger of dying from thirst or hunger is if I’m doing a lot of crafting/building and forget to look at the meters.

  3. There is no build limit. You can build as large as you wish and in as many separate locations as you wish. If you decide to join a private server then they may have rules on building and how many/large they are. But on official servers the only restriction is: Do NOT block access to the game from the starting point, and do NOT block access to the bosses needed for game completion.
    There are locations on the map that we are not permitted to build on/in …
    Be aware that your buildings will cause surrounding resources, animals and npc to stop spawning … so if you find a nice source of something don’t build too close as it won’t regenerate.

  4. We can enslave most NPCs (they get called thralls once enslaved) and place them out in the world. We can have one thrall following us and helping to fight. We can also pick up baby animals, or buy eggs, and tame them by having them grow up in animal pens. These can also be placed in the world and we can have one pet follow us. Note: only one follower at a time so thrall or pet but not both.

Point 6. Generally this game is solo friendly in pve multiplayer until it comes to fighting the world bosses … they have excessive amounts of hit points and can take a long time to kill by yourself especially if you haven’t figured out efficient ways to do it. People on the forum can suggest ways to make it easier.

Point 7. There is a max level and you can’t unlock all attributes or feats at the same time. There are potions you can make to reset the attributes (strength etc) and feats (recipes) so you can change them as often as you need to. Some private servers increase this maximum level.

Point 8. There is a decay system that removes player objects if you do not log in and go close to them within the timer…the time depends upon the building size and what it is up to a maximum of 144 hours in normal circumstances. (At the moment it’s 14 days as it’s holidays). The official servers do not get wiped. Private servers may get wiped at owner/admin discretion.
There is also a purge mechanism that sends waves of enemies against a randomly selected base of yours if your purge meter is above a certain level … activity increases the purge meter. On official servers the window in which purges can happen is restricted to four hours per day set in the evening of where ther servers located… eg oceanic, USA east, Europe etc.

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