Hi, guys, a bunch of questions by an interested player

Hi. So, me and my friend want to play Conan Exiles together. She came up with it, saying that it may be a fun survival co-operation experience with some nice RP opportunities. The game seems cool at the first sight, but there are a number of things that I need to know about it before I start playing. I watched a few videos on the game and decided that it may be best if I ask some specific questions to get answers to. It’d be great if you could answer them.

1- There are PvE servers, yes? I tried open world PvP games, hated it and never again want to play them. I can play Conan Exiles but only if other players cannot attack me, steal my stuff or destroy my settlement.

2 - Can I make my own server with my own rules, or do I have to look for existing ones?

3 - Are there RP servers? I saw one or two mentioned online but both seemed, by description, dead. RP is a huge deal for me and my friend; we don’t neccessarily need other people to role play with, but it would be better to have company.

4 - Speaking of RP, how… how to put it… is this game RP friendly? Its survival elements make it sound like one has to be on constant alert, always staying fed, hydrated and on the lookout for attacking enemies. It’s hard to concentrate on role play if I have to take a sip every ten minutes and fight off spiders every two minutes.

5 - How co-op friendly this game is? Me and my friend have playing together in mind - you know, sharing a settlement and items within it, each specializing in different crafting/survival/combat skills, that kind of thing. Can we play in a “party” where everything is shared, do we need to form a guild from day one?

6 - How hardcore is this game overall? How is the learning curve?

I may have other questions in the future. For now I’ll be thankful if you answer these :).

Think Minecraft but you have to drink water and the combat has more to it, it’s pretty easy to pick up and you’ll likely only spend the first day or two playing trying to get a feel for things and making mistakes. As far as role playing , I don’t see why you and your friend wouldn’t be able to


I try to make it short:

  1. Yes. There are PvE servers

  2. Yes. You can either start a local game, where another person can join. But if you go offline/close the game, the other person can’t play anymore. Or you could setup a dedicated server, which can be online all the time. It’s pretty easy and I have mine (PvE) running for some friends and my son. You can make your own rules for your own server.

  3. Yes. There are RP servers.

  4. You don’t have to be on constant alert. But if you go exploring, there might be dangers near.

  5. Thats how my son and I played. Everyone learning his own feats so we can work together. But you need to be in the same guild. Otherwise you won’t be able to use structures built by your teammate.

  6. Not that hard to play I’d say

That’s a great answer, thanks. Sounds like we can give Conan Exiles a go.

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