Did I return to Conan Exiles at a bad time? Should I just play solo?


Serious question.

I’m hearing there’s problems logging into modded (or official?) servers, and there’s been an economy update that changes some aspects of the crafting stuff?

I was hoping to find a relaxed PVE server to just build stuff and have adventures on, but I’m hoping not all the information on the game has been made obsolete, as it’s been about 9 months since I played. :frowning:

Should I still look for a PVE server to play on, or just try solo for a bit?

Advice or further information welcome.


There is a lot of stuff going on, new patch just dropped, we will probably have some hotfixes on the way.

I don’t think that there will be much difference between the game modes, you will experience the same things on both. (unless you consider things like people stealing your unconscious thralls in PVE servers). The game itself is a bit unstable, some people are experiencing crashes/stuttering, so there is that. I would wait at least until next week before starting out, just to avoid possible annoyances.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to say ‘hands off’ for the immediate future until Funcom sorts this out. Lots of new bugs and a few hotfix patches, but even those are getting limited success right now. So, I’d wait a bit to see how the fixing goes.


I can give it a week, no prob.

I’m just re-downloading the game now onto an SSD, and I’ll likely see what Siptah offers if I can. :smiley:

The issues are affecting both maps. Proceed with caution.


You would think they would test this stuff out b4 release…

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Ah, I see. I meant, I’d wait a bit for things to settle, then look for a community server I can join up with later on.

Thank you for the advice by the way. <3

They did test it. But for the most part, they ignored the feedback and launched it anyway. And then all these new bugs showed up that didn’t even show up in the Testlive build. So not only are they dealing with surprise bugs, but they didn’t address bugs that were reported.

Its like, maybe they fixed them, but released the previous patch instead of the fixed one, and now they have new issues on top of older issues and sorting them out is a huge mess. So, its probably “all hands on deck” right now trying to get a handle on this latest build. Very stressful.

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Bad days at the office, for sure. :confused:

As long as you will not play on a heavily modded Server you should be fine.
As long as ur game starts and do not crash, you should be fine.
Avoid pvp Servers and you will be fine again.

Expect Small and big changes quite often, hence the reason of not playing on heavy modded Servers.

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