New to Conan Exile

Hi there, I’m sure the topic has been addressed but I’d appreciate the advice:
I would be brand spankin’ new to Conan Exiles, so before I drop $100 for the full bundle, I was wondering:

  1. Can I play solo or is this more of a party-play type of game? I don’t have a problem either way but was wondering about it
  2. Do I need to consider spending $$$ to be competitive?
  3. Since I’ve seen forum posts about mods, are they necessary to play this game (like they were in Elder Scrolls)?
  4. Any and all advice for the beginning “exiled” would be helpful

Sorry to bother and thanks for your time!!!

P.S. Yes I’m into PvP…if that helps answer any questions about me LOL :slight_smile:

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  1. Yes you can play solo. There are plenty of people on this forum that play exclusively solo. It is your choice if you want to play solo or online with others. It all comes down to preference.

  2. No, not at all.

  3. No, not at all. If you want to play on an official server mods are not even an option anyway, or if you are playing on console then again, they are not an option. If you want to play solo, then it is up to you if you see something you like or not. But no, you do not ever have to use mods.


Like @Oduda said, this is not a pay to win game. The strongest gear, builds equipments are the vanilla.
Start buying only the exile lands map and if you go deep in the game buy Siptah map as well or anything else you wish.
Before going pvp, start pve then pvec amd last pvp. Pvp in this game is highly competitive but you have to “know” a lot before. It seems simple game with small map, but it’s really hard and beautiful.
Hope’s to have you as an exile among us. Welcome to the forum m8 :metal:


1: I’m a soloist.
2: No, but… :wink:
3: That is server dependent. If you are playing on public servers, no. Mods are for private servers and single player.
4: Follow the journey steps, they will unlock nice things.

I don’t play Conan PVP for the reasons PVP players will explain.


Go cold turkey to pvp. That will straighten you. :laughing:

I’m joking. First, explore the game in single player mode, to learn the ropes.
Then, do as @stelagel said.


Welcome to the Forum. @junior2150 plenty of good advice has been given.

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I don’t play PvP because of the PvP players.

To the OP: I’ve been enjoying Single-Player since Early Access, and have found it suits me the best. The whole map is my playground, I can adjust the game settings to my own tastes, and no-one else bothers me or is bothered by me. I can use mods to add flavor to the game, but they’re by no means required. I use only Fashionist, to play dress-a-dolly with my crafter thralls, and a mod that slightly increases the spawn rate of T4 NPCs so I can get those crafters I need more easily. The less you mod, the less likely it is that something breaks when the game updates.

You can’t buy power in the game. The weapons and armor you can buy are just recipes, you still need to craft them just like any other armor, and the stats are equal to the free same-tier equipment. And the best equipment can only be found/crafted by playing the game. (Yes, some building pieces and furniture sold on the Bazaar have had more hitpoints or more storage space than they should, but these will get fixed eventually, if they haven’t already.)

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Others already answered all questions.

I just want to say that pvp in Conan is very abusive and very toxic. I do not recomment playing pvp before you not have greately dived into the game or others will rip you apart. You won´t have fun unless you know what you are doing. Spear is meta, always has always will. Besides this you should know how to build on pvp. You also need a thick pair of nervs. If you are a type that is giving up easily or can not let go of stuff (is not willing to loose everything he has in a raid) pvp is not made for you.

If pve is too boring for you, you can start out with pve-c. You then are not raidable but you can still fight and kill.

Have fun in the game mate! I hope you stick around!

Welcome to the lands of Conan Exiles!

And don’t forget to have a look at private servers as they usually have active Admins making sure there’s no/little abuse. When you are ‘tired’ of the vanilla game you can also look around at mods to make it more interesting (just pick mods that are recently supported - nothing worse than having to remove a mod and everything breaks)

1 Like can play solo or with friends
2. Dont u dare spend money on the game, it like tipping in the philipines (they’ll get used to it) the start mods arent neccessary but like in sex, the more u play the more borring and meaningless it gets
4.the best advice i could give u is just dont spend money on in game content, just use mods

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