Question about official vs private server performance and disconnects

So I started recently on single player to learn the game but decided to start on an official server. I’ve gone pretty hard on official but the lag spikes and disconnects are really frustrating. I’m on an original ps4 and playing off an external hd and I know about journey steps. When I picked my server it had good ping but mostly it is higher than the others lately. 33 is the best and this is frequently 66 or 84 or 96ish. Its not unusual to engage an enemy, everything freezes for 4 seconds and then it snaps to what is actually happening. edit: I turned motion blur back on and I think its gotten a bit better?
My questions then are about how normal this is, are private servers better? I would like to hear other people’s experiences with official and private servers. I have this feeling that I’ve wasted alot of time on a bad official server, or maybe official isn’t good ever?

Also, I’m surprised there isn’t in game text chat. I basically stopped playing single player smoothly so I could play single player with lag and no communication anyway…

TLDR: Tell me about different kinds of servers please

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Hello Exile. Welcome to the Forum will attempt to send you some information.

The 3 server’s we are currently playing on ping in the 100 range. We are on 2 Siptah server’s one ours one official and our original Exiles server. All 3 server’s have a low population. This game gives a ps4 a hard job as you have a external hard drive that should help. Going to send this and go back to your list.

New update age coming up on the 22 I believe is supposed to help with issues

Thanks for the response. Do you have any sense that private servers run better than official?

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My wife and I play on official Siptah server and ours. Spend more time on Official we have disconnects on both probably more on official but official servers are built up more.