Hacking in PVE items stolen

i was offline the last 5 hours and someone hacked in and stole a whole heap of iron bars and steelfire.

make the building and creating items LOCKABLE…

ffs… the fact it isnt already is already moronic…

in official pve servers you can’t steal since release

1 - not official
2 - it happened, and im not the only one on the server its happened to

i can lock chests, but nothing else. thats dumb. really dumb.

If it’s not official then why are your complaining?
You have made your choice by picking a server that can be looted.
Beside, ■■■■■■ can not do anything that’s not official.
You have to go ask your server admin.

im complaining because this is the only game where building stations are not lockable. PVP or PVE. even ARK has lockable stations in PVE. specially with an engine (like all of them) which is extremely prone to hacking.

And I am saying, in the official PVE servers they are locked.
You just picked a private server the owner does not want to lock.
He can change that in his setting.

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Row or bail out .
The choice is yours.

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ok i’ll put that to the server admin and see if that can be changed.

answer: Im sure you are playing a console version, which is one patch behind. Dont worry, they fix it in the next patch, making pve much more enjoyable!

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