Things not locked in PvE Conflict

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

There seems to be an issue in PvE ((Conflict) may also extend to regular PvE I would imagine) where I was able to open doors, chests, crafting stations you name it, that I did not own. I.E I was able to walk right into another clans base through the front door and potentially loot every and anything I want. Only way to keep things safe is to wall in any doors when you aren’t around.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load game
  2. Find another clan’s chests, stations ect
  3. Loot whatever you want from it
  4. Enjoy PvP mechanics on my PvE server

I might add that I have been playing on this same server a few days now and experienced it worked as intended at first then this morning EVERYTHING is unlocked.

hello :slight_smile:

Official 1040 pve-c / pc

Everything seems to be Locked by default.
Without using any special thing, all look safe.
Is that happen on an official server or private ?
Any manipulation done to acces them ?

No special things done, private server, admin shortly reset the server after I alerted them of it, seems like they reset it a few times in order to fix the issue. Seems to only happen on a chance? When I told the admin they said they were aware of that issue and asked to not spread the word (on the server that is) Seems to be a pretty big issue and I searched a bit and found nothing similar. There may be a bigger underlying cause but it’s hard to rule what exactly, seems to be not repeatable intentionally.

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