A bug with me not able to lock chest & anyone able to go through others homes

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Hi, I recently got my own server on the PS4 and when I got it, I made it a pvp server. But, it’s now switched to pve conflict. I have the “containers ignore ownership” unchecked. But, for some odd reason I cannot lock containers. Also, anyone is able to go through anyone’s houses. It’s driving me a little insane as I have tried several things. Including restarting server and such. Would appreciate some assistance. Some people are displeased to see that anyone can enter ones home. Thank you very much !

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Something to look for after doing anything on gportal site make sure you save at the top right corner. Also when you get on line double check your settings. I have found that adjusting one line on gportal site will typically change other settings randomly went through this 5 time SATURDAY as I was tweaking purge. Stamina pvp and other settings would change. Try setting chests looking unlocked online then go to game settings without coming out of menu

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Adjust nudity should force a save good luck. Some one might be able to explain this better.

Hello @Tjbrown, welcome to the forums!

Have you tried making yourself admin and changing the settings in-game to match what was set on gportal?

We’ll send note to our team to make some further tests in this regard.

Edit: Correcting previous question.

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You have to shut server down before you can get to settings on gportal site

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