Locking of doors and containers

How do I enable the option of players locking their chests and doors on my server. I’ve tried many things but they don’t work.

I believe it depends on the ‘ownership’-tag in the settings whether or not you can lock your chests, at least on a PVE-Server. If chests do not acknowledge owenership (anyone can open them), then you can lock them. Otherwise I believe they are auto-locked to other players than you.
I do not know whether you can actually lock your doors manually in this game. They are automatically locked to players that are not you or belong to your clan.

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I’m on a private pvp server.

You could still have a look at the ContainersIgnoreOwnership setting and try out what happens if you change it. If it is ‘on’, then chests can be locked (in PVE).

I have no idea why you would want to enable locking on a PVP-Server, the setting should be ‘off’ (so ownership would not be ignored) to make it harder for your enemies to loot your chests because then they would be unable to open them because they do not own them (i.e. they are already locked to them although you do not see that on your own chests).

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