Lockable Benches?

I was just on a server & realized that people’s benches were locked. Is that new? I have a private PvE server is that something l change in the server settings or do you click & lock the benches individually?

is it the containers ignore ownership box in the server settings?

We have a private pve Server with a welcome center where new members can take starter items they need. With that option to lock benches can you still choose to unlock some chests or crates. Or would everything just be locked?

If you set ContainersIgnoreOwnership to True, than anyone can access your chests and cabinets, unless these have been manually locked.
I did not see that option to lock for benches, though…

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What we’re really wanting is to have benches & boxes locked but have some crates in our welcome centre unlocked.


You can not lock benches this way, only chests and cabinets. You will have to hide your workbenches behind doors, which can only be opened by the owner (and his clanmembers).

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