Rented server setting question

Hi I would like to know how to put the unlockable chests while leaving the workbenches locked

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Are you running a pve pve-c or pvp server? We have had a PVE-C ps4 since right after the game came out. Pve locks chests and benches
Pve-c you can lock chests manually benches are unlocked should be the same for pvp have never played that style
Are you wanting to leave chests open for players on your server to get stuff out of? I don’t think you can do what you are wanting to do. Have not been on Gportal site in months unless something has changed options you want are not available of course some settings I have not tinkered with so I won’t say it isn’t possible :wink: Plenty of other server owners on Forum hopefully someone can help. @BROLY

I don’t think it’s possible to do what you want. The community has been expressing interest in a chest (or some other storage item) that would enable sharing of items in a PvE setting for some time now. However, if the chests are accessible to everyone, then the workbenches will also become accessible.

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