Trading box for the slave traders in the exil lands

We need a special box that you can use too trade whit other peopels in the exil land that you not need too drop items on the ground .
I now on pvp servers you can unlock a chest but on pve conflict and pve all chest automatic locked and you dont can unlock them .

Have you tried the crates that you can craft by virtue of the vault?

Nope, can’t unlock them on PVE and PVE-C:

I’m sorry but that’s super funny to me. On PvP where you generally always want your boxes locked, they place down unlocked, and the large crates themselves can’t even be locked at all, but on PVE they are all default locked and you can’t unlock them?? What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in those design meetings…


Hmmm, maybe I should test the PVE behavior with an alt… I know that you can’t lock/unlock containers on PVE and PVE-C. I know that every container from another clan that I’ve tried accessing has always given me the message that it’s locked. But I don’t remember if I’ve ever tried accessing someone else’s crate.

I’ll test that and report back.

There is a server setting regarding containers. I forget what it is but maybe thats it.

I leave my boxes unlocked. If someone gets into my base a locked chest isn’t going to stop them; they’ll just destroy more stuff to get to it and anything they don’t want will decay.

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Sounds like a parked car in california…

Yea on pve and pve conflict you not can unlock any box even the compost is locked :eyes:

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