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It would be really nice in pve if the cupboard was still unlockable as it was in EA. That way we could share resources with other players on the server as a polite service. We even developed a trading economy is EA. Can’t do that now with everything locked.


Exactly, I made a donation altar for the locals exiles so we can all take and add based on what we need or dont need but one of them manage to message me saying that now the chest and such are locked and not open anymore in pve. A trading system with the gold and silver coins would also be nice.

Being able to lock/unlock any container should be a no-brainer.

But for now you could use something like compost bins. Very cheap to make, has a decent amount of space and cannot be locked.

you can unlock your vault

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@Redrick, thanks

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Nope. Can not unlock vaults, can not access compost bins.

Afaik, you are right, at least on a pve server, only elevators can be used by others.

I would also like the ability to have some open container, last day I needed it for a trade, where I would farm ice shards for a mate that gave me cool things :stuck_out_tongue:

As expected, the next time we met he didnt need em anymore, if there was some open container, this would have fixed it.

Also in pve games I usually have a noob box of goodies, with basic items, some food etc, and this cant be done so far

I came to the forums specifically to talk about this issue.

I have NO DOORS whatsoever on any of my buildings. Because it’s a PVE server. I want people to come in and be safe from a Sandstorm and be able to leave the house when they need too. But I also hate the way the houses look with no doors. I would love to be able to place the door, but keep it unlocked without it the visual “open” state.

I also had a HUGE tower in Ark. And it was well known on the server I played on that people could visit our Tribe’s area and stay in the tower and get free gear, free food, free items, whatever they needed while they were out exploring or passing through. And since I did that, other people on the server made similar “welcome boxes”. A ‘take a penny, leave a penny’ type of community. And it was awesome. I made a make-shift mailbox. People would leave comments in there. Like ‘thanks for the gear’ or ‘made a donation in your box’ or whatever.

It was beneficial for noobs and veterans alike. I would place anything from low level gear, to green, blue and purple recipes.

I absolutely LOVE that door auto-close behind you, but it would be nice if we had the option to leave certain chests/doors/crates unlocked. Especially on PvE servers

No really an exact solution, but changing the settings of the door to not auto close is partially there, maybe. You will have a door, but it will stay “open” position. Dunno if it closes on server restart though.

Yea I know, I don’t like the way it looks. Having all of these “open” doors. I would rather not have the door at all, then having that visual. That’s just my preference

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