Option for other players to acces your placeables on PvE - Any supporters?

Here is the simple question: If PvE very often means coop between players, how come that there is an option of other accessing your stuff automatically forbidden?

Me myself enjoy building pubs and other nice places not only for myself, but for other people to use it, even if they are not in my clan. I love to create some lovely building with food, drinks, nice stuff, shelter and so on. For example for the newcomers, so they suddenly encounter something new, which is unique only for that server and thanks to that this map is slightly different than the others.

This is the main reason I mostly played on PvP. Because there you can build a pub with everything (drinks, food of many kinds, etc…), or bazars with accesible chests, where people take whatever they need and sometimes leave something else in exchange. BUT - PvP servers have many disadvantages for people who don’t enjoy this style, and other players often try to ruin anyone else’s effort in such things which don’t include their style of play.

Sadly in PvE regime this is not possible, because every bench and placeable is automatically locked.

I am asking for one thing: To give any player an option to LOCK or UNLOCK that placeable or bench. I don’t believe this will need much effort, nor I think it could somehow ruin the spirit of the game.

Is there someone who agrees and would support this idea? And vice versa - if you think this is not such a good idea, gimme a reason why.

Thanks for your opinions. :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with the idea. Its a nice way to have people share/trade items with non-clan players.

A mod(s) had implemented this idea such as Unlock Plus (with Pickup) mod for example so people do like the idea.

So, it can be implemented in the game if Funcom feels this feature is warranted (i.e. high demand).


To be fair, this option is available without mods but you would need admin access so officials are right out. The only downside is it is server wide, meaning if you use the option, everything, everywhere is open and unlocked. REALLY only something you might find on a private server.


True, but that has lead to people stealing unsecured items/crafting thralls from workbenches since everything is open. Highly unlikely in most private servers will turn that on besides a few servers that do not mind the risk. PvP servers probably do not mind either since its PvP related.

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Agreed, a rather rare option to find used. You need a team that stays on top of a server to run things like that.

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General agreement about this is my primary point.

If nothing else, then just “why not”? It could improve experience of every player, the game could be more interesting and variable like this. On the PvP server I totally get this, everything should remain accessible, ofc. That’s why I’d like to change this settings only on PvE.

Also I said that I would like the option that every player on PvE or PvE-C has the right to chose which bench or placeable is going to be accesible to others and which one not.

The solution about leaving everything accessible no matter what is still exploitable in many ways. One has to have the right to chose, that is the point.


A great idea, that I think can have a lot of value on appropriate servers, and I certainly support it (plus you’ve got two of the right brains involved in this thread already) :slight_smile: The option to lock or unlock all placeables/benches makes perfect sense to me.

I’m going to have to make a slightly off-topic request, however - please try to avoid statements like your first sentence. I may not like many of the changes made recently to help PVP, and some of Funcom’s statements in recent months have perhaps added to the impression that they are focusing on PVP - but I truly believe the reason they keep mentioning PVP is because there were a lot of comments about how PVP is ignored. The simple reality is that this game has so many different playstyles, game modes and platforms, that all groups feel that they are being ignored and someone else is being focused on. I’m genuinely sorry if this feels like I’m lecturing you - but it would be hypocritical for me to call it out when PVP players make these comments but not to call it out when aimed back in the other direction. In the end. you’ll have to decide for yourself, but I felt I had to say something.

Anyway, enough of that - I really like your idea and think it could prove very popular. I hope the devs will give it a serious look :slight_smile:


I also validate
Can be differentiated workshop and trunk
to avoid abusive theft, because the thief does not risk anything in pve … and this risks causing blockages
it is a function that I used in private and which has always been appreciated
indeed I would have liked to be able to place charity chests especially for my city of asura children and its god Mitra
now when i see a new player i always drop an item that can help
sometimes I can be extremely generous, (especially when the character is very pretty :rofl: )
and other times a little less, especially if I have a headache after drinking too much


This is very correct, only official servers have issues with this part and @LordKAA and @Ragnaguard in a similar post of Halk gave me the solution of this problem. The solution on official servers is cauldron, you can trade things but as lord said the inventory is small. On 8080 I gave a lot of things to my neighbor this way

To the coop option or private servers you can fix this from admin panel.
Name your console so an admin (player) here can tell you how to do it
For ps4 @sestus2009 can help you.
For pc the red king and for Xbox… We will find someone, right now I can’t say, but it will come to me, give me some time :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


You are right. This was an unnecessarilly misleading statement, that maybe could be speculated about, tho it is not a subject of this thread. To be honest I don’t watch the scene so much I could get really objective opinion on this and even if I did, many people could and would argue about this over and over. So I removed this part from the introductory text. Thanks for heads up. :slight_smile:


Another interesting possible idea (those charity chests). Of course this could be better than nothing, although you cannot store food and some drinks in it for longer periods of time, not to mention that aesthetic part of this issue. :smiley: On PvP when I was exchanging something with the other person, I always carried one chest with me, placed it and then gave the stuff in it. Simple dropping it on the ground can sometimes lead to issues like items falling into the texture, decaying when not picked up and so on, so it’s definitelly not a safe solution, but on PvE one has no other choice.


The wierd thing in full pve you was abel too unlock chest or lock them back in the old days in pve conflict ther is no option for that i woud love to do this because i am a slave trader


I’ve never really used those cauldrons, so everyone can acces it even on PvE? o.O Even if so, I can’t imagine carrying it with me on meeting with someone. Also as you stated, inventory of five slots is awfully little. And using it instead of fridges and fermentation barrels in pubs is also out of the question. :smiley:

Also I pressume that private servers have only the option of locking or unlocking everything, not just the selected placeables. Could do partly, because it is still exploitable (stealing from benches through the windows etc.) and one would have to deal with the same stuff and make many precautions like on PvP.

On my ps4 server it is pve-c with containers ignore ownership every one knows to lock :closed_lock_with_key: there stuff. That allows us to sit out preservation boxes and chests with food and supplies at map rooms and way stations. It might be easier for Funcom to make a variety of chests and preservation boxes that designed to be unlocked for both private and official server’s rather than toggles for every item I d like :+1: your ideas :bulb:. I often find that other people stock the unlocked containers I set out .


hope that this evolves and that this type of proposition will be able to integrate their equations.
I am very confident in view of the latest developments.

will happen what must happen (heuuu … not sur about this traduction lol)

note for later: eat less clown for breakfast and some more English

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I am total against that somone else can touch ur stuff in PVE except if - once i writed topic that went long bye bye without even 1 answer from anyone, my ideas mainly is 3 what may add
so now about 1 for PVE - or ‘‘Trade hall’’

So how it works, atleast in my brains :smiley:

  1. New Thrall type or NPC named Merch or so, basically my idea was that those npc that sell stuff are knockable, but works a bit different after breaks on wheel
    So the idea is based on thing somewhere mix between merch and bearer, it may be like u can place stuff in your merch npc and set thing what u want by placing them inside npc, works as well with gold
    Example (Woodx1000 for stone 500 ) but to get it work u need to place 1000 wood and 1 stone, ok i now go insite scripting thing i guess because i think its easier to make copy item id and find in whole item db then make list of all possible things… so the 1 stone is like marker for game to understand what u want, and u can choose amount 1-10 000 , and when someone agrees he places 500 stone in and can take out 1000 wood… ( this is how i see this in PVE )

BUT as all know there is issue as PVP , where others probably will kill NPC and loot it so second part about how it may be worked out in PVP or pve-c

  1. There would be indestructable crafting table special for trader npc, like those tables in sempermeru and only placer can destroy it
    so rules for table may be like - it cant be placed on structures but raw ground, but it can share decay rate if in range of base, so pvp players cant destroy the table and NPC that is on table but can interact with it as bank or something like i mentioned in part 1

this is my idea about option to access other player stuff - if its something like trade hall OK otherwise against

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it’s right?, cool very cool will be able to empty my trunk :rofl:

1 t4 to win every week on 3018 PvE :rofl:

more so affinity and so cute :rofl: :love_you_gesture: :smiling_imp:


I do understand the necessity of preservation boxes to have the ability lock-unlock, it would be nice. But, for all the others you can always think of a smart build and place a cauldron next to it or two.
My suggestion years ago was charity tables, a craft able item that has really low decay timers, so we will be able to place food too.
I suggested this for 2 reasons
1,it is a specific trading item, so you can put it outside your base to trade items safely.
2, it is decorative item so we will use it more in taverns or saloons. @NeoTheMatrix I believe the past days fixed the saloon of a movie, imagine if he had this item to put booze inside, how cool it would be?
The reasons that chests and working stations must remain locked, win the debate and I respect devs and other players opinion about it, after all this time I agree too, they are right.

(Thank you for such a positive response :slight_smile: As you say, there is room for speculation, but this isn’t the thread for it :slight_smile: )

I’m going to have to do some checking, but I know that on singleplayer I get offered the option to lock/unlock chests and doors - I shall have to have a look and see what else that option shows up on. Whatever the case, even if it’s only chests, that suggests the code exists, so might not be such a hard thing to add for servers (or it might still be difficult, someone with more programming knowledge would probably have a much better idea than I do - but it seems logical).

I can see this idea being particularly good for private servers, where it would allow admins to set up specific things that they want to be accessible to all. But it definitely also has potential for a place on officials as well - allowing experienced players that want to a way to help out any new players, rather than only being able to help those they directly encounter. Of course, there’s always the potential downside that too much help can interfere with someone’s experience of the game - but I feel like, in a game played by adults, there’s got to also be a certain amount of personal responsibility- if someone doesn’t want the help (because they want to do it themselves) they don’t have to take it. And if that’s the biggest objection I can come up with, it seems to me this is an idea with a lot of upside and not much down :slight_smile:

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I could have sworn you could unlock things if the server is running default settings. It might be a mod doing this, but it really looked like a vanilla function.

But if not, then yeah… using the server option to unlock everything is there. You can lock chests even with that option, they just come unlocked on placement by default. I don’t remember if you can lock crafting stations.