Allow container unlocking on PVE(-C) servers

It’s a simple suggestion: allow PVE and PVE-C players to unlock (at least some of) their containers so anyone can access them.

This would allow players to set up some basic trading.

EDIT: It would be great to allow this for doors and gates, too. Thanks for the idea, @Cyryus.


Yes, agree it should default to locked as well.


agreed, i always like to make a place near my base with some boxes filled with items i don’t want for other players to take if they need them or to leave whatever they don’t want to carry in their inventories.

PvE-C is my favorite server type but i would love to have this option. and not only with containers but with doors and gates too


Great idea, I’ll edit my post to add that!

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Been longing for the ability to do this since I first joined an Official, and still want it now that I admin a private!


I tottaly agree, this is something necessary on the game :+1:.


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