Ability to unlock our containers in PvE?

Iseem to remember that it used to be possible to unlock our containers a long time ago. Was that so, or am I mistaken? Why was that ability taken away from us? I would like to be able to share food and materials with visitors when I’m not online.


Additionally, it would also be nice to share chests with a specific clan or player. Being a PvE player, I can’t tell you how many times folks on my server have wanted to be able to gift things to friends in other clans.

It could also make for a fun scavenger hunt. Leave an unlocked chest of goodies somewhere, give others a hint, and see if they can follow your clues to find it before it decays.


Agreed! would love to be able to leave out a chest that has some food and resources in my “sand storm shelter / rest stop” that has a water well and cover for new Exiles to hide from sandstorms. This would be great to have containers available for them to grab food, water, old thrall clothing :slight_smile: etc…



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