Please create a craftable unlocked public container

Nothing fancy. Just an unlocked container :slight_smile:

I’d simply like to have a persistent way of depositing gifts for passer-by’s at my public map rooms.


I don’t play PVE but after hearing how containers are useless for trading it seems this may be a necessary evil for many players.

Uh… aren’t all boxes/chests what you’re asking for? Leave them unlocked and just use them as you will.

On official PvE servers only the individual (or clan) can access items they made and this includes chests/Cupboards… the lock/unlock option is irrelevant … we can’t unlock for non-clan to access. Only when they are in the last 24 hours after the decay timer has expired before they despawn can other people destroy them to access the content.
But people want to leave chests of goodies out for random players to grab … This is why people are asking for chests that can be left as open access to anyone on the pve servers

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Public containers are also a great idea.

I’d be all for public preservation boxes on PvE servers as well. Load them up with cooked pork strips that have 480 hour spoil timer. That way if someone is out and about, out of food, hungry or need some healing they can take a few and be good to go.


I like this idea.
You could pair it with vendor NPC’s so the ones who do not like to give stuff out for free have a similar mechanic at hand :slight_smile:

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Hehe cool idea.

Yeah, I’m a bit weird in that I actually enjoy giving away excess surplus. Nice thing about PvE is that those supplies generally don’t get used against you. So nothing to worry about.
I do that on ARK all the time. Have 2 big vaults outside of the base, and a Dino-Pen for giving away Dinos. One dyed blue, the other brown.

Blue one holds things like berries and gear from Alpha dinos for people.
Brown is my deposit for natural resources.

People especially love the public Dino Pen, cuz other people actually leave Dinos there to give away as well, and my base kinda developed into a city, as people settled around my base, and people started saying “Sure, meet me at Halcyon’s”

Sure, the framerate started tanking. Sure, i had to start expanding vertically, but I don’t mind. I take the flourishing around my base as a compliment.

I noticed this phenomena happening near my public maprooms as well. Geologists call this “agglomeration”.

Good idea. I was on a server with no ownership for some time.

There were things like

  • a slave market, where you could take slave from a box and put some coins as payment
  • bridges and elevators with tip boxes
  • public workshops, etc.

very cool, but this wouldn’t work for everyone.

Weird. I feign ignorance as I play on PvP. You’d think being able to steal from open chests would be universal. You’re not killing someone by taking stuff they left out.

Instead of new containers… Why not toggling that option that ignores ownership instead for official pve(-c)?

I know, there are some bad guys who even go inside a base, trading all what they could loot to someone outside… Still.

As long as that wont work… Why not using one of the open world containers as trading posts? Frost and obsidian forges, tower of the bat and chaosmouth? (Or whatever it was called again?)


I’m sort of for this idea a and sort of against it.
When I started out in early access I would have given a nut for some kind of help.
But over coming the challenges back then and again since release has made me appreciate what I have achieved in the game.
In saying that, I have so many unused t3 thralls an excess leather and weapons that might just keep someone who is struggling to stay in the game, playing.

If the game was as brutal as it was in early access, free chests would save new players lives as well as their will to keep playing.

Letting people have public loot chests in front of their bases effectively makes their base a Point of Interest.
It adds to the online experience :slight_smile:

It’s like a noob who doesn’t have a skinning knife yet, finds a base somewhere with chests filled with leather.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And the noob got rewarded handsomely for exploring.


I would also like to see usable public stations (blacksmith, armorer, etc)… before PVE servers on official became as they are, I played PVE a lot and servers always had an organic “city” or public area that grew in use… this was huge for immersion, community and the like.

I’d like to see all placeables in PVE have options for “lock, unlock” and maybe even “personal use only, clan use only, public.”

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