Craftable postboxes

On my server, and I’m sure on many others, we often gift items or resources to other players, especially lower-level ones, but that can be a problem if you find that they’re online at different times to you. Why not have a special container that you can place in your base, into which other players can deposit items, but not take items out? It could be attached to a wall, or placed as a free-standing item. A box into which you can post things; a postbox, if you will.


Id put bees into my neighbors mailbox! Lol. But truly, nice idea. Could help with trading too. “Pay me later” leave notes/scrolls

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Clans already have this. I can access any container belonging to any member of my clan, as they can access mine. I understand what you mean though–you want clan-level access for complete strangers. I can’t say I agree with it, though I approve of your motivations. :wink:

This would be great, especially for us PvE players.

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