Lockable containers on PvE on release version?

Until yesterday, on official pve servers the situation was:

Chest needed to be manually locked, or they were “open” and could be lootable by everybody
Crafting stations were always open and couldnt be locked.


chests cant be manually locked, they always say open
crafting stations remain the same

I couldnt test myself / dont wanna be robbed, so do you know how is it now?

Crafting stations were not lootable earlier today.

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Good to know, it was not mentioned in yesterdays blog / patch notes post. I imagine, if everything worked fine and had to make sense, you can no longer close chests, because in pve now nothing that you dont own is lootable, but who knows xD

I am hoping that things are lootable on PvE Conflict during the raid times

XD Would be good to know, as I am also interested in those, but given the lack of info regarding this or dead bodies (I had to find the hard way even normal pve servers now have full loot drop upon death, contrary to what happened before release xD)

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