I got robbed what can I do?

After days of hard work building I got approached by two players and they invited me to their clan. I excepted and I noticed they were looting my stuff so I left the clan and now I’ve lost all my hard work. Can someone please help me ? I asked them if I can have my hard earned stuff back and they just ran off.

This is one of the troubles we must survive in the exiled lands.
I don’t join clans for those reasons (And i love feeling like a mighty loner conquering the lands true Conan style)
If I was to join a clan then first I would ask them to be allies and go on mission or two together to see how they play and how they act.

Some players just want to steal and you shouldn’t trust anyone straight away. That to me is the point of a survival game where anything can happen.

I would warn other new players on that server if I was you. Just so they don’t fall for the same trick. People might even rise against them if your lucky.

I believe when you join a clan the clan members should not have access to your stuff. You should have an option to unlock your properties or loot boxes to your clan if you wish

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Nothing you can do.

To be honest, you should have just looted their stuff while they looted yours and started to dismantle their base. Turn about is fair play.

Then when you were done looting/destroying, left the clan.

Yeah, you’d have to rebuild your base, but so would they and you’d snag some of their crap along the way.

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Hunt them down and kill them. Loot their bodies, destroy their bases. Kill their thralls, steal their women. Make them rue the day they trifled with you!


OH! I forgot the part about enjoying the lamentations of their women.

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You can also talk to some other players on that server. People love having a reason to attack someone, this could create an opportunity for you with other players, a chance to bond over a common goal of killing said clan.


Farm up a god and wipe them out for being dicks!


If only Gods weren’t broken :stuck_out_tongue:

Well its easy to make tar orbs :joy:

Thats true :). But they are just for t1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope i can burn down t3 in mins plus check this out.

Nasty :stuck_out_tongue:

They will probably end up nerfing the gas orb thralls. I hope not cuz they are fun but we will see

They came and found me near my base while I was building. I have know idea where their from. It happened too quick.

Lol. Conan style

I wish I can do this. I play on the ps4 on one of the EU official servers. PvE the name of their Clan was “Phantoms”

ah that sucks, PVE all you can do is find there base and troll them as often as you can by placing walls around them with climbing spikes, or lead world bosses to their base so they can destroy the buildings.

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Or place bomb’s on all there door steps so thay cant remove in and out of there base without removeing walls because you cant brake bombs in pve

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